News Round-Up 12/09/2023 - Musk Considers Reinstating Alex Jones on X 12/09/2023 - Masked Would-Be Robber Enters Jewelry Store With Bear Spray. Store Owner Stands His Ground. 12/09/2023 - Report: Republican Senate Candidates Appear to Start Shifting Their Stances on Abortion 12/09/2023 - Chris Christie Argues Impeaching Joe Biden Now 'Would Be Unfair' Because 'There's No Evidence' 12/09/2023 - Megyn Kelly Takes A Shot At Donald Trump: 'Lost a Step or Multiple Steps' Mentally 12/09/2023 - South Carolina Church Baptizes 141 in One Day: 'God Is Just Getting Started' 12/09/2023 - Biden Portrait 12/09/2023 - America's Ivy Problem: "they're just not being truthful about how they regulate speech on campuses" 12/09/2023 - South American Gangs Breaking Into Mansions in Detroit Suburbs 12/09/2023 - Long-Time Veteran Has Never Seen Scenes Like Those IDF Prisoners in Their Underwear 12/09/2023 - Donald Trump Receives Surprising Endorsement 12/09/2023 - Putin Declares 2024 Presidential Bid 12/09/2023 - Beijing Urges EU to Talk to Russia, Says Sanctions and Ukraine Aid Won't Work 12/09/2023 - Review: "Godzilla Minus One" a Win-Win for Japan and U.S. Moviegoers 12/09/2023 - "Wildly Misplaced Priorities": Tony Evers' Regents Just Voted to Screw Over 34,000 State Workers 12/09/2023 - Illegals Can Fly Without Valid IDs 12/09/2023 - Five-Word Community Note Correcting Greater Manchester Police Is a Thing of Beauty 12/09/2023 - DEVELOPING: Catastrophic Tornado Touches Down In Tennessee 12/09/2023 - Federal Judge Blocks Trump-Era Immigration Rule 12/09/2023 - New Mexico Files Lawsuit Against Meta Claiming Facebook, Instagram Steer Child Predators to Kids 12/09/2023 - Biden Border Crisis: Military-Age Men From Across the Globe Flood Across Arizona Border 12/09/2023 - Tucker: The Ukrainian Government Is Torturing a US Citizen 12/09/2023 - BULLETIN: Massive Tornado Outbreak Across Tennessee, Nashville Area Devastated 12/09/2023 - James Woods Advises Jews to Arm Themselves in Response to Shocking Poll 12/09/2023 - Woman Who Threw Chipotle Bowl at Worker Sentenced to Fast-Food Job 12/09/2023 - Ex-Con Stabbed Nurse 25 Times, Left Her For Dead In Woods, Jury Finds 12/09/2023 - University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill Resigns Days After Congressional Testimony 12/09/2023 - Meathead Is Trying to Destroy Christianity 12/09/2023 - Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Says Donald Trump Is Plotting to Overthrow Democracy 12/09/2023 - Elise Stefanik Claims a Scalp: Liz Magill OUT At UPenn 12/09/2023 - 'Antisemitism Works That Way.' Leftwing Pro-Palestinian Writer Shares Deep Hatred of Israel Supporters 12/09/2023 - Full-Scale Medical Martial Law Coming to America in 2024 12/09/2023 - Hunter Biden Claims His Father's Critics Are Trying To Kill Him 12/09/2023 - WATCH: Video Shows Wild Gunfight Between Teenager and Houston Cops on Freeway 12/09/2023 - NJ Man Who Went Viral for Racist Rant Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison 12/09/2023 - Welp. Pro-Palestinian Activist Doctor Shares 20-Year-Old Photo to Try and Shame Pro-Israel Supporters 12/09/2023 - U. Penn President Liz Magill Resigns 12/09/2023 - Model Atmospheres 12/09/2023 - Barbados Prime Minister Demands $4.9 Trillion in Slavery Reparations 12/09/2023 - Hamas commanders hiding in tunnels killed by IDF 12/09/2023 - Long-suspected link between cats and schizophrenia could be real: new study 12/09/2023 - In Federal Indictment, Joe Biden's Role in Son's Alleged Schemes Is Left Unsaid 12/09/2023 - You Can Vote to Put Alex Jones Back on X or Not 12/09/2023 - POLITICO: Candidate Speaking Out After Online Sex Life 'Exposed' 12/09/2023 - Proposed Policy May Force Country's Residents To Upload Selfie Before Accessing Pornographic Websites 12/09/2023 - Texas Supreme Court Halts Lower Court Ruling Allowing Pregnant Woman to Get an Abortion 12/09/2023 - Combat-Veteran Lawmaker Lambasts Antony Blinken for 'Lecturing' Israelis 12/09/2023 - California's Budget Deficit Hits Record $68 Billion as Tax Revenue Falls 12/09/2023 - High School Apologizes for Displaying Christmas Tree 12/09/2023 - Strange Bedfellows Alert: ACLU Announces They'll Represent... The NRA 12/09/2023 - Mich. Gov. Whitmer's in No Hurry to Get Rid of Gas Stoves (at Least Not in HER Kitchen) 12/09/2023 - Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar Decries, 'Gaza is the Most Dangerous Place in the World to Be a Child.' 12/09/2023 - The Rape, Butchering of Israeli Women 12/09/2023 - U.S. Postal Service Delay Causes Over 100 Mail-In Ballots In Pennsylvania County To Be Tossed Out 12/09/2023 - IRS Whistleblower's Attorney Calls for Investigation into Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss 12/09/2023 - Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Parts of NY Concealed Carry Law While Upholding Other Parts 12/09/2023 - Report: 2024 Election Fears Have More Young Americans Prepping 12/09/2023 - Richard Stengel on Crime and the Economy: Believe Me, America, Not Your Lying Eyes and Wallets 12/09/2023 - John Kerry Pledges U.S. To Cut Emissions From Air Conditioners and Refrigerators 12/09/2023 - Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Parts of N.Y. Concealed Carry Law While Upholding Other Parts 12/09/2023 - Over 70 Representatives Call for Removal of Elite University Presidents Following Disastrous Hearing 12/09/2023 - House Committee Is Putting All J6 Videos on Rumble 12/09/2023 - Tucker Carlson Comments On Being Donald Trump's VP Pick 12/09/2023 - Riley Gaines: An All-American Class Act 12/09/2023 - Elon Polls Twitter if Alex Jones Can Come Back - Overwhelming YES 12/09/2023 - CNN's Jackson: We Wouldn't Be Here with Hunter 'if It Were Not for the Whistleblowers' 12/08/2023 - Attorney for IRS Whistleblower: He's Been Vindicated, There Should Be a Special Counsel Investigating Weiss 12/09/2023 - Dead Fish Wash Upon Japan Shoreline Months After Fukushima Radioactive Water Release 12/09/2023 - Texas Supreme Court Pauses Ruling Allowing Pregnant Woman To Have An Abortion 12/09/2023 - Andrew Sullivan Slams University Presidents Over Anti-Semitism Hearing 12/09/2023 - CDC Warns of More Infectious Monkeypox Strain with Higher Fatality Rate 12/09/2023 - Net Zero's dirty secret: Britain's green transition is powered by Chinesecoal 12/09/2023 - 25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS, Cambridge Scientists Warn 12/09/2023 - Biden-Favored EV Bus Maker Proterra Goes Bust and Leaves a Trail of Broken and Irreparable Buses 12/09/2023 - Family Sues Prison After Body Inmate Who Unexpectedly Died While In Custody Was Returned to Them in State of Severe Decomposition 12/09/2023 - Parents Speak Out After Their 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Assigned to Share Bed With Trans Student 12/09/2023 - 2024 Presidential Candidates React to Hunter Biden Indictment 12/09/2023 - Looks Like Alexander Vindman Is Making Money Off War 12/09/2023 - Is Alex Jones Coming Back to Twitter? It's Up to the Twitter Users 12/09/2023 - Moody's DOWNGRADES Top U.S. Banks--Is YOUR Bank On The List? 12/09/2023 - (POLL) Nearly half suspect feds provoked Jan. 6 riots 12/09/2023 - (READ) Rep. James Comer responds to Hunter Biden indictment 12/09/2023 - Steve Bannon Slams 'Idiot' Sean Hannity over 'Dictator' Question for Trump: 'How Dumb Are You?' 12/09/2023 - Democrats Demand Social Media Platforms Censor 'Misinformation' on Abortions 12/09/2023 - Italian climate change protesters turn Venice's Grand Canal green 12/09/2023 - Former US Central Command Chief Wants Greater Force Against Iran-backed Militia 12/09/2023 - Immigrant gangs use Wi-Fi blockers to defeat home alarms in metro Detroit 12/09/2023 - Israel is 'occupying' Gaza, so Ohio State hosts event on ... architecture? 12/09/2023 - Minneapolis cashier impaled with golf club in deadly assault 12/09/2023 - OUCH! Community Notes LEVELS Karine Jean-Pierre's 'Biden Job Creation' Brag 12/09/2023 - Data Breach At Genetic Testing Company Impacts Nearly 7 Million Profiles 12/09/2023 - Gaza: As Defenses Collapse And Men Surrender, Hamas Reportedly Turning To Female Terrorists For Help 12/09/2023 - House committee opens investigation into antisemitism at elite universities 12/09/2023 - Bari Weiss's Issues Kill Orders Carried Out By The IDF - Totally Sane People 12/09/2023 - [WATCH] French Farmers Protest Environmental Regulations By Spraying Manure On Government Buildings 12/09/2023 - Chris Christie Slams Vivek Ramaswamy: 'A Drunk Driver on the Debate Stage' 12/09/2023 - Elon Musk Calls on Supreme Court to Weigh In on SEC's Consent Decree 12/09/2023 - Judge Bans Government From Separating Migrant Families at Border 12/09/2023 - His most based move yet... 12/09/2023 - Rare, white alligator born at Florida wildlife park... 12/09/2023 - President Macron in trouble for flouting French secularism... 12/09/2023 - Con Inc. still trying to smear Pat Buchanan... 12/09/2023 - Taki Theodoracopulos: Sympathy for the Palestinians... 12/09/2023 - Radical Democrats get Republicans to praise them with this one weird trick... 12/09/2023 - Why Democrats are stuck with Kamala... 12/09/2023 - Cuomo comeback? 12/09/2023 - J.D. Vance calls out WAPO for endorsing rebellion... 12/09/2023 - Trump declares Ramaswamy winner of the fourth GOP debate... 12/09/2023 - Philadelphia police search for serial machete suspect attacking random civilians 12/09/2023 - Man ambushes Virginia Trooper with knife 12/09/2023 - Albuquerque Police Chief investigated for tweet called 'disgraceful' by attorney 12/09/2023 - Phoenix police officers looking to flee if the DOJ takes over 12/09/2023 - Trump Responds to the Latest Gag Order Ruling 12/09/2023 - Twitter Memes Kevin McCarthy into Oblivion for Saying 'Democrats Look Like America' 12/09/2023 - Biden Vows To Spend 'Over a Billion 300 Million Trillion Trillion Trillion Dollars' On Infrastructure 12/09/2023 - Harvard President Apologizes for Failing to Convey 'My Truth' During Congressional Hearing 12/09/2023 - APPALLING: Menorah Lightings Canceled Around the World as Towns Remove Jewish Symbols 12/09/2023 - Academic Who Suggested "Blowing up" Jewish Labour Conference Venue Stripped of Honorary Titles 12/09/2023 - NY Democrat Anna Kaplan Ends Campaign for George Santos' Seat in Special Election 12/09/2023 - New York's $54 million pot haul shows legal weed dreams up in smoke 12/09/2023 - Popular New Hampshire pastor Jarrett Booker, 37, kills himself two days after he was fired for 'sexually abusing minors' 12/09/2023 - Friendly deer called Bucky is EUTHANIZED by Kansas wildlife officials after becoming too tame 12/09/2023 - New Jersey man Edward Mathews who screamed racial slurs at his black neighbors is jailed for EIGHT YEARS after shocking video of his abusive rant went viral 12/09/2023 - UPenn's Jewish students still subjected to 'anger and aggression,' protesters chanting 'we are Hamas' 12/09/2023 - NYC couple checks out 5 pro-Palestinian children's books indefinitely to prevent 'indoctrination' 12/09/2023 -
Hamas 'beginning to break' as tense video shows IDF facing off with terrorists in ruins of Gaza City school 12/09/2023 - How Hunter Biden blew $5M on crack, prostitutes, suits, cigars and new teeth-- to fury of ex-wife 12/09/2023 - Biden is mocked after botching announcement for 'over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars' investment in major rail projects across the country 12/09/2023 - Nashville shooter manifesto leak investigation concludes 12/09/2023 - Watch: police grab civilian's bike, tackles drug dealer in wild chase 12/09/2023 - Muslim Man Charged After Shotgun Fired Outside a Synagogue on Chanukah 12/09/2023 - Exposing COVID-19 Crimes 12/09/2023 - The Clock is Ticking (RR) 12/09/2023 - Watch President Biden Invent an Entirely New Amount of Money (Maybe This Was The Big Guy's Cut) 12/09/2023 - WATCH: OVER HALF A MILLION MIGRANTS Caught Crossing Border since October, Over 10K Per Day this Week - All Single, Males, Fit, Military Age. 12/09/2023 - Squatter Who Took Over Dead Woman's House Walks Away With Hefty Sum From Sale 12/09/2023 - Democrat Chairman Dick Durbin Says No One Wants to Subpoena Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs 12/09/2023 - CDC Issues Health Alert for Deadly Tick-Borne Disease 12/09/2023 - Youth Pastor Kills Himself Two Days After Church Fires Him for 'Credible' Child Sex Assault Allegations 12/09/2023 - Idaho Woman With Breast Cancer, Heart Failure Shocked by Secret Santa Gift 12/09/2023 - Klaus 12/09/2023 - Rabbi David Wolpe Quits Harvard Anti-Semitism Committee, Calls School's Ideology 'Evil' 12/09/2023 - News Briefs - 12/09/2023 12/09/2023 - Universities of Wisconsin Officials Reach Deal With Republicans to Scale Back Diversity Positions 12/09/2023 - The Case Against OffshoreWind 12/09/2023 - UPenn President's Anti-Semitism Costs University a $100 Million Donation 12/09/2023 - A lego house? 12/09/2023 - Turns out teens with conservative parents are more "mentally healthy"... 12/09/2023 - Republican lawmaker says his top staffers threatened to expose his daughter's "OnlyFans" page... 12/09/2023 - Biden sent billions of your tax dollars to a fraudulent "green" company... 12/09/2023 - It now costs 3.4 million to live the "American Dream"... 12/09/2023 - All by design... 12/09/2023 - Guess what? You can actually find that delicious McDonald's breakfast sausage at the grocery store... 12/09/2023 - Damning clip of Taylor Swift viciously mocking and degrading Christians... 12/09/2023 - Ozzy Osbourne is in his final days... 12/09/2023 - Keanu Reeves home raided by masked intruders... 12/09/2023 - Father's Deathbed Confession Rattles Family After Decades on The Run: 'America's Most Wanted' 12/09/2023 - The Trump Comment That Led to Media Dictatorship Hysteria 12/09/2023 - Miranda Devine Reminds NY Times (and Others) Why Hunter Biden Indictments Don't Link to Joe 12/09/2023 - White House DUMPS Hamas-Cheering CAIR 12/09/2023 - The End Is Nigh: Hamas Operatives Surrender in "Large Numbers' 12/09/2023 - Paranoid Hunter Biden Thinks YOU'RE 'Trying to Kill' Him. 12/09/2023 - CAIR leader says he was 'happy to see' Hamas attack Israel 12/09/2023 - Most property taxes set to increase in 2024 12/09/2023 - Pathetic Leaders Week in Education 12/09/2023 - The Ukrainian War Can Only End in a Peace Deal 12/09/2023 - Arlington: What blew up first, the house or the car? 12/09/2023 - Swarthy Germans and cheeky Anglos... 12/09/2023 - Nothing 'Contextual' about Cultural Marxism, Genocide 12/09/2023 - Alex Jones returning to Twitter? It sure sounds like that's what Elon Musk just confirmed... 12/09/2023 - Watch: Man Cooks Shrimp And Instant Potatoes In An Airplane Bathroom, But What He Does Next Is Where Things Get Gross 12/09/2023 - Biden DOJ: Law Making Prostitutes Disclose They Have HIV Violates Americans With Disabilities Act 12/09/2023 - Arizona Governor Requests $512 Million Reimbursement From Biden for Southern Border Security 'Failure' 12/09/2023 - Japanese GDP Plunges As Real Wages Continue To Decline 12/09/2023 - Government officials can't take the heat like they used to... 12/09/2023 - Crime is hitting Democrats hardest, even as they deny responsibility: "I didn't vote for this!" 12/09/2023 - Abolish Kwanzaa... 12/09/2023 - Can working from home solve the fertility crisis? 12/09/2023 - Seymour Hersh on Kissinger... 12/09/2023 - Traitorous... 12/09/2023 - U.K. government data reveals young people are DYING of cancer at "explosive" rates, following COVID years and vaccine push 12/09/2023 - IPCC Scientists Demand Power to Dictate Global Climate Policy 12/09/2023 - U.N. Climate Scientists Want Your Government To Answer To Them Instead Of You 12/09/2023 - Russia To Ship LNG Year-Round Through North Sea Route 12/09/2023 - EU May Reopen WTO Case Over US Tariffs 12/09/2023 - German Industrial Orders Fall Sharply 12/09/2023 - EU Gas Consumption Surges Due To Cold Weather 12/09/2023 - Colombian Health Minister tells Senate covid vaccines are the greatest experiment carried out in human history 12/09/2023 - Climate Change Weekly #490: Fighting for Truth in Climate Science Is Important 12/09/2023 - Last Chance to Get Tickets to the Weekly Sceptic Live 12/09/2023 - Lynn Forester de Rothschild wants to use AI to radically change economies; to "save capitalism" 12/09/2023 - Net Zero Requires New High-Voltage Power Lines to be Wrapped Around the Earth 2,000 Times Within 17 Years 12/09/2023 - NETZERO is impeding progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals 12/09/2023 - The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day December 9, 2023: 'Trump the RINO Hunter' 12/09/2023 - Wakeup call: Guy discovers that voting for a straight Dem ticket will destroy your business. Do you sympathize? 12/09/2023 - Former special agent reveals what's really going on inside the FBI and how they fell from grace... 12/09/2023 - Fox News gleefully pushes the left's latest "political weapon".... 12/09/2023 - Alex Jones worried Deep State will assassinate Trump and one other leader... 12/09/2023 - Tucker and Alex Jones reveal deeply concerning insider secrets about Biden's health... 12/09/2023 - Higher ed's hypocrisy fully exposed for refusal to condemn calls to eradicate Jews 12/09/2023 - Wow... 12/09/2023 - Enthusiasm Plummets Young Voters Ahead of 2024 12/09/2023 - Music Spotlight Follow-Up: Shaylen 12/09/2023 - Commentary: Bidenomics Is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 12/09/2023 - Georgia Lawmakers Sign Off on New Congressional Maps 12/09/2023 - Commentary: The Liberal Media's Desperate New 'Trump Will Be a Dictator' Narrative 12/09/2023 - Banks Filed at Least Six Suspicious Activity Reports Flagging Joe Biden's Home Address, Senator Says 12/09/2023 - House Panel Opens Probe into Ivy League Schools Following Anti-Semitism Hearing 12/09/2023 - New Mexico Sues Facebook and Instagram for Hosting Child Sexual Abuse, Solicitation, and Trafficking Content 12/09/2023 - Job Growth Remains Cool Despite Boost from Returning Strikers 12/09/2023 - BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift is NOT destroying America 12/08/2023 - Tucker and Massie go deep... 12/08/2023 - More missing J6 committee evidence, says Julie Kelly... where are Secret Service records? 12/08/2023 - Owen Shroyer is OUT of federal prison... 12/08/2023 - GOP lawmaker: Ousted aides targeted my daughter's ONLYFANS account... 12/08/2023 - Where are all the anti-Trump Republicans? 12/08/2023 - 50 Cent developing doc on Diddy date rape allegations, vows to donate proceeds to sex assault victims... 12/08/2023 - Black Woman Arrested Attempting to Set Fire to MLK Jr.'s Birth Home 12/08/2023 - Donald Trump Will Make "Concerted Effort" To Flip Blue State In 2024 Election 12/08/2023 - Casey DeSantis Just Urged Out-of-Staters to Illegally Caucus in Iowa. 12/08/2023 - Shocking West Bend High School Brawl Results in 5 Arrested, 4 Students Hospitalized [WATCH VIDEOS] 12/08/2023 - Young voters slipping away from senile president... 12/08/2023 - Vivek drops a bomb on low-IQ talking head... 12/08/2023 - Even Bari Weiss says "End DEI"... 12/08/2023 - Rep. Nancy Mace splits with fianc, said to 'frequently' discuss her 'sex life' in office with aides... 12/08/2023 - "Stochastic terrorism": the regime's new catchphrase for all political dissent... 12/08/2023 - ... court tells Special Counsel Jack Smith to grow a pair... 12/08/2023 - This is big: DOJ attempt to codify "stochastic terror" into law smacked down hard... 12/08/2023 - [WATCH] High Schoolers At Christian Academy Rescue Mother And Children Pinned Underneath Vehicle 12/08/2023 - U.S. Senate Votes On Resolution To Withdraw Troops From Syria 12/08/2023 - Green Dictatorship: Climate Scientists Urge Acceptance of Their Total Control 12/08/2023 - Latino migrant gangs from South America use security jammers to break in to expensive homes across United States: police... 12/08/2023 - A Boer's View of the Crisis in South Africa... 12/08/2023 - New Arrest Highlights How Italy Concealed Migrant Rape by Framing Amanda Knox... 12/08/2023 - Bombhell Tucker Carlson interview with Alex Jones breaks the internet (VIDEO)... 12/08/2023 - The Alex Jones Interview... 12/08/2023 - Immaculate Conception on December 8: Here's what it is--and what it isn't... 12/08/2023 - Steve Sailer: Time to DIE... in the air... 12/08/2023 - Appeals court narrows gag order on Trump's speech that was imposed by a foreign-born DC judge... 12/08/2023 - Banks filed at least 6 suspicious activity reports flagging Old Joe's home address, senator says... 12/08/2023 - Biden campaign is desperately trying to 'rebuild the base'... 12/08/2023 - CDC Director is Sounding the Alarm About a New Covid Variant 12/08/2023 - Missouri Democrat Booted From Committees After Picture With Accused Holocaust Denier 12/08/2023 - Breaking: Actor Ryan O'Neal Dead At 82 12/08/2023 - Michigan School Shooter Tells Courtroom He's 'A Bad Person,' Receives Life Sentence 12/08/2023 - News Round-Up 12/08/2023 - Report: NYT Staffer Allegedly Appeared Naked During Morning Video Call 12/08/2023 - Tucker Carlson Reveals What It Would Take for Him To Be Trump's Running Mate 12/08/2023 - Read It: Deadspin Adds Editor's Note After Backlash Over Calling Out Young Chiefs Fan 12/08/2023 - Hunter Biden Goes After Republicans in Expletive-Laced Interview as Charges Pile Up 12/08/2023 - Unleash Alex Jones ReeEEeE Stream 12-08-23 12/08/2023 -