Athens police refuse to release Laken Riley 911 call | The Post Millennial | 02/28/2024 - Apple Executives Pull the Plug on the Company's Electric Vehicle Project 02/29/2024 - Report: US EV Manufacturing Faces 'Extinction-Level Event' 02/29/2024 - Commentary: The Way Another Newsom Recall Effort Helps America 02/29/2024 - Groups Weigh In on Montana Supreme Court Case of Minors Challenging Permit Laws 02/29/2024 - Athens Mayor Faces Calls for Resignation After He Invokes Trump in Response to Murder of Laken Riley Despite Arrest of Illegal Immigrant 02/29/2024 - Commentary: The Pipe Bombs Before January 6 Is a Capital Mystery That Doesn't Add Up 02/29/2024 - Lara Trump Officially Launches Bid for RNC Co-Chair 02/29/2024 - Army Cutting Thousands of Jobs in Preparation for Possible Future War 02/29/2024 - Hunter Biden Tells Congress: 'I Did Not Involve My Father in My Business' 02/29/2024 - Med school rewrites 'diversity' scholarship after federal complaint 02/29/2024 - UW-Madison hides sports deal behind foundation: lawsuit 02/29/2024 - Most women's colleges admit students who 'identify as female' 02/29/2024 - SCOTUS Considers Bump Stock Ban Challenge. 02/28/2024 - Bannon Threatens Fox, Implies Murdoch Purchased Network Illegally. 02/28/2024 - Biological Man with HIV is Taking Hormones to "Chest feed" His Infant 02/28/2024 - President Biden Says the Crime Rate Is the Lowest It's Been in 50 Years 02/28/2024 - NBC News: Biden Administration Weighing Sending US Stockpiles of Ammo to Ukraine 02/28/2024 - Insider's Selling (Bonus Part 4): Mark Zuckerberg 02/28/2024 - Sen. Chuck Schumer Just Left One of the Most Intense Oval Office Meetings Ever 02/28/2024 - Insider's Selling (Part 2): Walton Family Cashes Out of Wal-Mart! 02/28/2024 - Insider's Selling (Part 1): Jeff Bezos Sells $8.5 BILLION of Amazon Stock 02/28/2024 - Insider's Selling (Part 3): Jamie Dimon Sells MILLIONS Of Stock -- First Time Ever In Over 18 Years 02/28/2024 - Illinois Judge Removes Trump From State Ballot 02/28/2024 - DATA: Majority Support Military-Led Deportation of Illegals. 02/28/2024 - Biden to Give $850 Million to Chinese-Owned Battery Company. 02/28/2024 - CA Plots Homeownership Pathway for Illegals. 02/28/2024 - Nikki Haley Has Blown Over $76M to Lose to Trump. 02/28/2024 - Something Seriously Wrong with the US Military? 02/28/2024 - Nothing to See Here! Newsom Crony is the Big Winner With New California Minimum Wage Exemption 02/28/2024 - United Nations Prepares Road Map Calling On Americans To Eat Less Meat 02/28/2024 - New York AG Sues Beef Producer 02/28/2024 - Our direct mail survey 02/28/2024 - Judge Rules Trump Ineligible to Appear on Illinois Ballot Under 14th Amendment 02/28/2024 - Aaron Bushnell Was an Anarchist Who Had Top Security Clearance 02/28/2024 - Sen. Elizabeth Biden on Warpath Against Price Gouging at Wendy's 02/28/2024 - Judge Denies Trump's Bid To Post $100M Bond Instead Of Over $450M Penalty In Civil Fraud Case 02/28/2024 - Residents Torch Dem Mayor for Skirting Immigration Crisis at Laken Riley Briefing 02/28/2024 - Appellate Judge Refuses To Freeze Trump Civil Case Fine But Lifts Ban On Trump Seeking Loans And Running Business 02/28/2024 - Boohoo! The Hill Worries Republicans Might 'Cripple' The IRS By Making Agents Go to Work in the Office 02/28/2024 - There Are a Lot of New York Times Chick-fil-A Deniers 02/28/2024 - San Fran Board Of Supervision Apologizes To Black Residents For 'Decades Of Systemic Discrimination' 02/28/2024 - Illinois Removes Trump From Primary Ballot, Gives Lawyers Until Friday to File Appeal 02/28/2024 - News Round-Up 02/28/2024 - Illinois Judge Orders Trump's Name Off GOP Primary Ballot 02/28/2024 - Lt. Gov. Earle-Sears 'Misgenders' Transgender Senator Roem, Roem Storms Out Chamber 02/28/2024 - Anderson Cooper Snaps at CNN Guest in Gaza Exchange: 'Don't Need a Lecture' 02/28/2024 - Gorilla Grip Pu*sy ReeEEeE Stream 02-28-24 02/28/2024 - Marianne Williamson Unsuspends Her Campaign. 02/28/2024 - SCOTUS Will Hear Trump Immunity Claim in Election Interference Case. 02/28/2024 - Brazil's Ex Prez Bolsonaro Faces 5-Years in Jail... for Whale Bothering. 02/28/2024 - Honduran Criminal Alien Accused of Armed Theft, Rape of a Child 02/28/2024 - KJP Says President Biden Passes a Cognitive Test Every Day 02/28/2024 - American Retail Giant Announces Over 100 Store Closures 02/28/2024 - Nathan Wade's Former Divorce Attorney Says 'Oh Dang' When Presented Text In Fani Willis Trial 02/28/2024 - Supreme Court To Hear Trump DC Case Immunity Defense On Schedule Making Trial Before Election Unlikely 02/28/2024 - BREAKING: IL judge orders state election board to remove Trump from primary ballot 02/28/2024 - Democrat Gerrymandering In New York Threatens Republican Control Of Congress In 2024 02/28/2024 - What Can You Do If You Got Vaxxed? 02/28/2024 - Mayor Says Illegal Immigration Not Connected To Death Of Georgia Nursing Student Who Was Killed By An Illegal Immigrant 02/28/2024 - Panera gets exemption from Gavin Newsom's minimum wage hike. Also, they donate a lot of money to Gavin Newsom 02/28/2024 - Federal Judge Rules Pelosi's 'Final Major Achievement' as Speaker is Unconstitutional 02/28/2024 - Illegal Migrant Charged with Murder in the Death of a 2-Year-Old 02/28/2024 - Georgia Mayor Gets Shouted Down for Claiming No Connection Between Illegal Immigration and Crime 02/28/2024 - SCOTUS Agrees To Hear Trump Immunity Case 02/28/2024 - TX AG Paxton Landmark Win! $1.7T Spending Bill Is Unconstitutional 02/28/2024 - UPDATE: Duke Medical School Hides DEI Videos After Ben Shapiro's Reporting 02/28/2024 - This Is DHS Secretary Mayorkas 3 Years Ago Explaining Why the Border Is Now Open 02/28/2024 - How to Get the Prescription McCullough Protocol Before the Government Bans It 02/28/2024 - Idaho Suspends Serial Killer's Execution After Multiple Attempts To Find Vein For Lethal Injection 02/28/2024 - Johnson Holds Hearing on COVID Response, Adverse Vaccine Reactions 02/28/2024 - Don Lemon Was Paid $24.5 Million When He Left CNN. 02/28/2024 - WATCH: Britain's Labour Party Blasts Liz Truss for CPAC Attendance. 02/28/2024 - Ultra Processed Foods Linked to Type 2 Diabetes. 02/28/2024 - REPORT: Biden Genetically Predisposed To Getting Away With It. 02/28/2024 - New York Appeals Court Denies Trump Pause on $454 Million Judgment 02/28/2024 - Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Trump Criminal Immunity Claims 02/28/2024 - Price tag for child care subsidy bill likely tied to February budget forecast, DFL sponsor says 02/28/2024 - Rep. Lauren Boebert's son faces slew of theft-related charges 02/28/2024 - To Assist In Healthcare Shortage, New Bill Would Fund... A DEI Program? 02/28/2024 - Marianne Williamson Unsuspends Presidential Campaign 02/28/2024 - Watch: Naked Woman Defends Against Club Attack In LA Beach Duel 02/28/2024 - Honduran Illegal Immigrant Accused of Raping 14-Year-Old Louisiana Girl at Knifepoint 02/28/2024 - Hunter Biden To Deny Joe's Alleged Involvement In Shady Foreign Deals During GOP's Closed-Door Impeachment Deposition 02/28/2024 - Comedian Richard Lewis Dead at 76 02/28/2024 - New York Appeals Court to Allow Trump to Continue Running Business 02/28/2024 - Good News! Joe Biden Is Perfectly Fine to Serve as President 02/28/2024 - Fighting to Make Hate Crime Hoax Real. Despite All Evidence, Media STILL Pushing Nonbinary Death Story 02/28/2024 - Supreme Court Will Hear Donald Trump's Immunity Case 02/28/2024 - [WATCH] Protestors Clash With Athens Mayor Over Nursing Student's Death, "You Have Blood On Your Hands!" 02/28/2024 - Venezuela Solves Its Crime Problem by Sending Criminals, Victims to the US 02/28/2024 - 'How Is This Even Real?' Spin on UGA Killing is Norm Macdonald's Media Mockery Brought to Life 02/28/2024 - NBC News Is Mad Six States Understand Basic Biology 02/28/2024 - Remember This? NASA Duped By A Piece Of Chorizo! 02/28/2024 - Richard Lewis, Comedian And 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Actor Passes Away At 76 02/28/2024 - FTX Founder Bankman-Fried's Lawyer Asks Judge To Reject 100-Year Recommended Sentence, Seeks Less Than 7 Years 02/28/2024 - UGA Campus Murder: Athens Mayor Dismisses 'Notion Of Sanctuary City', Protesters Demand Resignation 02/28/2024 - Extremism on Duty 02/28/2024 - Border Visits: Biden Traveling to One of the Slowest Areas, Trump Stopping at a Busy Area 02/28/2024 - Green Energy Billionaire: "Farmers affected could be compensated and find other places to farm" 02/28/2024 - Apple Abandons Electric Car Project, Shifts Focus to AI 02/28/2024 - Fani Willis' Corruption Exposed as Nathan Wade's Divorce Attorney Terrence Bradley Testifies on Financial Scam to "Get Trump" 02/28/2024 - Hunter to Give Deposition on Wednesday as Questions About His Drug Use and Joe's Mental Competency Swirl Around the Biden Family 02/28/2024 - Good Riddance To Mitch McConnell: A List Of GOP Senate Chief's Worst Blunders In Leadership 02/28/2024 - Here's How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Associated Press Rehabs Hunter Biden Edition 02/28/2024 - Trump's Margin of Victory in Michigan Largest So Far. Leftist Media: Trump Underperformed 02/28/2024 - The '60s Counterculture Was the Greatest Psyop in History 02/28/2024 - Is Trump Unstoppable? 02/28/2024 - Farewell to a Comedy Legend: Richard Lewis, King of Neurotic Humor, Passes Away at 76 02/28/2024 - LIVE 7pm EST: The Georgia 2024 Show! Phillip Davis, Hank Sullivan, BKP 02/28/2024 - Richard Lewis, stand up comic and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' actor, dies at 76... 02/28/2024 - Nikolai Ryzhkov, former Soviet Prime Minister, Boris Yeltsin's rival in 1991 election, dies at 94... 02/28/2024 - Almost all of Ana de Armas 'John Wick' spin-off has to be reshot? 02/28/2024 - Sony to lay off 900 workers in its PlayStation division... 02/28/2024 - Giorgia Meloni suffers first major setback in Sardinia... 02/28/2024 - Why are Americans becoming more stupid? 02/28/2024 - FBI plans to arrest Blaze Media reporter without telling him what charges he's facing... 02/28/2024 - Judge Rejects Trump Bid to Pause Payment of $454 Million Fraud Penalty amid Appeal 02/28/2024 - University of New Mexico 'security fees' for Riley Gaines event draws lawsuit 02/28/2024 - New class explores Christian ethics of artificial intelligence 02/28/2024 - Thousands gather to honor fallen Burnsville officers and fire medic 02/28/2024 - Pundits Comment On Airman Protest 02/28/2024 - Fulton County Hearing Continues With New Witness 02/28/2024 - Colorado Bill Would Place New Requirements On Firearm Ownership 02/28/2024 - Massachusetts police department mourns sergeant's 'untimely' death 02/28/2024 - Rep. Lauren Boebert's son faces slew of theft-related charges 02/28/2024 - Watch: Man Wrestles Down Trans Burglar Who Tried To Rob Store, Holds Him Down Until Cops Arrive 02/28/2024 - Musk Salutes Apple As It Officially Kills Electric Car Plans 02/28/2024 - House GOP Demands Mayorkas Provide Info On Laken Riley's Accused Murderer, Assigns Strict Deadline 02/28/2024 - Nikki Haley Calls GOP 'A Ship With A Hole In It' As She Loses Michigan Primary 02/28/2024 - Chicago Cop Sues City To Change His Recognized Race 02/28/2024 - Watch: Tucker Carlson Says 2020 Election Was '100% Stolen' 02/28/2024 - 'Textbook Viewpoint Discrimination': CA Judge Says Feds Can't Selectively Prosecute Right-Wing Rioters 02/28/2024 - Michigan City Votes For 'Uncommitted' In Democrat Primary 02/28/2024 - BIDENOMICS: U.S. Housing Costs Now At Crisis Levels. 02/28/2024 - NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants To Change 'Sanctuary City' Status. 02/28/2024 - Trump Offers $100 Million Bond During NY Appeal. 02/28/2024 - DATA: Most Voters Say Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Election Interference. 02/28/2024 - Moldova's Breakaway Transnistria Region Asks Putin for 'Protection.' 02/28/2024 - Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Dies at 76. 02/28/2024 - Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Pornhub for Rejecting Age Verification Requirements. 02/28/2024 - Biden Refuses Cognitive Test During Physical Exam. 02/28/2024 - AOC Defends Hunter Biden amid Impeachment Inquiry Testimony: 'Abuse of Public Power' 02/28/2024 - Dear Mitch McConnell: If You Actually Care About Saving America, You Need To Retire Today 02/28/2024 - Republicans Who Backed McConnell's Ukraine Boondoggle Don't Deserve To Replace Him 02/28/2024 - Con Job: "Destitute" Migrant Claims 24 Children, Gets $24,000 a Month in Tax Money 02/28/2024 - Pride flags banned in classrooms across Tennessee... 02/28/2024 - Report: Global Warming Data Grossly Exaggerated in Most Climate Models... 02/28/2024 - Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker says FBI wants him to self-surrender Friday in Dallas over his Jan. 6 reporting... 02/28/2024 - US Soldiers Now Popping Weight Loss Pills To Try And Get Back In Shape... 02/28/2024 - Organiser of 'white party' in Sri Lanka apologises after backlash... 02/28/2024 - In South Korea, world's lowest fertility rate plunges again in 2023... 02/28/2024 - Microsoft OpenAI chatbot suggests suicide, other bizarre, harmful responses... 02/28/2024 - USAID watchdog began investigating tax dollars to a terrorism-tied NGO. Then Biden sent it more cash... 02/28/2024 - The New York Times lied? Water is wet... 02/28/2024 - We need trial... 02/28/2024 - Scrutiny of Athens-Clarke County Ramps Up After Student Murder, Republicans Question Sanctuary Status 02/28/2024 - Jeopardy! Contestant: "What Are Pronouns?" 02/28/2024 - Dem Rep. Ted Lieu's Claim About What the Michigan Primary Numbers Show Hits Some Snags 02/28/2024 - Massachusetts police department mourns sergeant's 'untimely' death 02/28/2024 - Meet the Navy's first robotics warfare specialist 02/28/2024 - Major Banks To Shut Down 30+ Branches Across The United States 02/28/2024 - Presidential Candidate Unsuspends Campaign 02/28/2024 - Dr. Phil Tells 'The View' That Children Crossing Border Illegally Are Becoming Prostitutes, Sweatshop Workers 02/28/2024 - Study: 83% Of Tattoo Inks Contain Ingredients Linked To Major Health Risks 02/28/2024 - Marianne Williamson 'Unsuspends' Presidential Campaign: "Donald Trump's power is on the incline, and President Biden's is on the decline" 02/28/2024 - Sanctuary City Mayor Blames DJT for Laken Riley's Death 02/28/2024 - Pure Imagination: Glasgow's 'Willy Wonka Experience' Turns Out to Be a Scam 02/28/2024 - How Modern Medicine Dehumanises Us 02/28/2024 - Breaking: MHRA Chief Exec Jumps Ship After MPs Call For Investigation Into Failure to Flag Covid Jab Side Effects. 02/28/2024 - Hunter Biden Testifies He 'Did Not Involve' Dad in Family Business Deals, Blasts Impeachment Inquiry as 'Baseless' 02/28/2024 - McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job 02/28/2024 - In Bump Stock Arguments, Constitution-Hating Justices Prove They Have No Idea How Guns Work 02/28/2024 - Biden Is Letting Dearborn Extremists Influence American Foreign Policy 02/28/2024 - Vermont Christian School Banned from Competition for Refusing to Allow Girls to Play Against Boys 02/28/2024 - A solution to microplastics? 02/28/2024 - Supreme Court wrestles with Trump-era bump stock ban... 02/28/2024 - Judge affirms ouster of Michigan Republican Party leader Karamo... 02/28/2024 - 'Uncommitted' vote wins at least 1 delegate in Michigan against Biden... 02/28/2024 - Is this the real reason Haley refuses to drop out? 02/28/2024 - Mayor of Athens, GA where Laken Riley was murdered by an illegal, gets curb-stomped by locals: "Liar! You have blood on your hands"... 02/28/2024 - McConnell plans to step down as Senate Republican leader in November 02/28/2024 - PUREBLOODS: American Red Cross Now Screening ANYONE Who Has EVER Had A C19 Vaccine... 02/28/2024 - JUST IN: Trump-Hating Judge Receives Envelope Filled With Mysterious White Powder 02/28/2024 - Rep. Lauren Boebert's Son Tyler Arrested, Faces 22 Charges 02/28/2024 - Chrysler Recalling 338,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees After Reports Of Steering Wheel Issues 02/28/2024 - SCOTUS Questions FL & TX Anti-Censorship Laws on Big Tech 02/28/2024 - Egocentric 'OnlyFans' Mom Posts Angry Video Complaining the School Forced Her to Pick Up Her Sick Child 02/28/2024 - 'The Protect and Serve Act' is a bill that would make ambush-style attacks on LEOs a federal crime 02/28/2024 - Campaign Finance and Election Integrity 02/28/2024 - Missile warning payload delay could push back 2025 launch plans 02/28/2024 - 'Jeopardy!' Sparks Backlash After Pronoun Clue: 'Never Watching Again' 02/28/2024 - Over 70 Senegalese Migrants Discovered Habitating In Packed NYC Basement 02/28/2024 - 38-Year-Old Lieutenant Collapses During Run, Passes Away 02/28/2024 - WATCH: Crews Respond To Yet Another, MAJOR Wildfire 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell Is Stepping Down in November 02/28/2024 - Presidential Poll at 02/28/2024 - 'The New York Post' Publishes OUTRAGEOUS Headline Seemingly Victim Blaming Laken Riley 02/28/2024 -
'How Is This Legal?' VP Harris Says Federal Gov't Will Be Paying College Students to Register Voters 02/28/2024 - Radio Ga Ga 02/28/2024 - Finetuning the Matrix 02/28/2024 - Obama Staffers Say Biden's Age, Mental State Are a 'Very Real Issue.' 02/28/2024 - McLeadership Down! Mitch McConnell Becomes Latest Establishment Figure to Quit. 02/28/2024 - It's the Border, Stupid: Immigration Now Americans' Top Concern. 02/28/2024 - Paul Krugman Says 'White Rural Rage' Is 'Single Greatest Threat Facing American Democracy.' 02/28/2024 - REPORT: Biden Foreign Policy Flubs Have Emboldened a Nuclear North Korea. 02/28/2024 - If Climate Change is Knocking Down Power Pylons, Why Build More Renewables? 02/28/2024 - Top Climate Scientist: 'Global Warming Emergency' Is a 'Lie' 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell Steps Down as Senate GOP Leader 02/28/2024 - How Illegal Aliens Flooding Our Border Skew Elections For Democrats Without Ever Casting A Vote 02/28/2024 - Jake Tapper Blames Police, Not Crime, For Increased Traffic Deaths 02/28/2024 - Did the Establishment Just Turn Against Globalism? 02/28/2024 - Cyber Attack Warning and the Great Reset Agenda 02/28/2024 - Detroit Faces Existential Crisis as Chinese Electric Cars Flood Market 02/28/2024 - FBI Set to Arrest Blaze Journalist. Attorneys: It's Retaliation for J6 Reporting 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell to Step Down as Senate Minority Leader in November 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell Takes Final Bow: GOP's Longest-Serving Leader to Exit Stage Right in November 02/28/2024 - John Brennan's war... 02/28/2024 - RIP Freedom of Speech in Canada... 02/28/2024 - Child sexual assault charges outlined against man in US illegally... 02/28/2024 - From boom to bust: The truth about Millennial malaise... 02/28/2024 - I pretended to be 'nonbinary' to expose a medical scandal at Kaiser Permanente... 02/28/2024 - Breaking: McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November... 02/28/2024 - Oh no, not the Unknown... 02/28/2024 - Willy Wonka immersive event leaves kids in tears: "It looks like a meth lab"... 02/28/2024 - NY Times 'reviewing' ties with Israeli reporter who liked post urging 'slaughterhouse' in Gaza... 02/28/2024 - The Pipe Bombs Before Jan. 6: Capital Mystery That Doesn't Add Up... 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell to Resign as Senate GOP Leader in November 02/28/2024 - JUST IN: Mitch McConnell To Step Down From Republican Leadership Position 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell Stepping Down as Senate Republican Leader in November 02/28/2024 - Maryland police arrest illegal migrant in toddler's murder 02/28/2024 - Parent reveals SECOND manifesto school district hid: "My daughter cannot even attend school because she is scared" 02/28/2024 - College makes up shiny new microaggression: looking at service dogs (oh, and it's hurtful to say "hey guys") 02/28/2024 - Real Stats on Gun-Free Zones & Shootings! 02/28/2024 - That's Dark! Twitter Reacts as 'The Babylon Bee' Publishes Tweet About Suicide in Support of Palestine 02/28/2024 - Twitter Serves Paul Waldman a Piping Hot Plate of Ratio for His New Book 'White Rural Rage' 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell Announces He's STEPPING DOWN From Senate Republican Leadership 02/28/2024 - Musk Salutes Apple As It Officially Kills Electric Car Plans 02/28/2024 - Things Just Went From Bad To Worse For Fani Willis... 02/28/2024 - Army National Guard Grounds ALL Helicopters 02/28/2024 - McConnell Stepping Down As Senate GOP Leader 02/28/2024 - Seventh Circuit Issues Stay, Allows Indiana Ban on Child Mutilation to Go Into Effect 02/28/2024 - Hamas Contradicts Biden, Hasn't Even Received 'Any New' Ceasefire Proposals 02/28/2024 - Two-year-old murdered by illegal immigrant with long criminal history in Maryland 02/28/2024 - Mitch McConnell to resign as Senate Republican leader in November 02/28/2024 - Drax Power Station Still Burning Rare Forest Wood 02/28/2024 - Texas Nuclear Weapons Plant Forced to Shut Down Due to Massive Wildfires 02/28/2024 - Supreme Court Rules Australian Vaccine Mandate Was Unlawful 02/28/2024 - FEDERAL COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST BERKELEY K-12 SCHOOLS FOR "SEVERE AND PERSISTENT" ANTI-SEMITIC BULLYING 02/28/2024 - Groom's 'unhinged' mom hired goons to throw red paint at bride as she walked down the aisle -- and she didn't stop there 02/28/2024 - Hunter Biden says in impeachment deposition'I did not involve my father in my business' -- despite evidence to the contrary 02/28/2024 - Nolte: More Than 100K Voters Chose 'Uncommitted' over Joe Biden in Michigan Democrat Primary 02/28/2024 - Terrifying video shows panic inside tourist helicopter as it crashes 02/28/2024 - Workers at Macy's San Francisco say SHOPLIFTING is to blame for closure, despite mayor insisting crime was not a factor: Mens' dept. staffer says four blazers, 10 wallets and 20 packs of underwear stolen daily 02/28/2024 - Biden makes unexpected trip to Walter Reed for 'physical' as mental fitness speculation mounts 02/28/2024 - Shane Gillis Works As The Unlikely Ambassador Of Boyish Charm 02/28/2024 - What Else Is Biden Hiding In His Plan To Use 'Bidenbucks' To Get Out The Likely-Democrat Vote? 02/28/2024 - Report: FBI Plans To Arrest Blaze Media Reporter Without Telling Him What Charges He's Facing 02/28/2024 - Argentine Oil Producers Protest Milei Government 02/28/2024 - EU Will Miss Key Ukraine Arms Target, Again -- Zelensky 02/28/2024 - Taiwan's First Domestic Submarine Seen on Water 02/28/2024 - Calendar Meeting Links Used to Spread Mac Malware 02/28/2024 - Bad News for Biden & Trump Must Unify the GOP 02/28/2024 - LIVE SHOW: LIAR! LIAR! Georgia Citizens Turn Fury on Mayor of Sanctuary City 02/28/2024 - U. New Mexico Sued for Imposing 'Hefty Fee' for Event Held by Conservative Group 02/28/2024 - It's All Relative 02/28/2024 - Comparing Higher-Ed and Foundation Endowments with at Least $10 Billion in Assets Under Management 02/28/2024 - TAKE ACTION: Steps to Secure Financial Freedom 02/28/2024 - Space Futures Command could begin limited operations this year 02/28/2024 - Clearly White Supremacists Are the Biggest Threat to Oakland 02/28/2024 - Denver Government May Furlough Its American Staff To Put Illegals On Its Payroll | The Daily Wire 02/28/2024 - Hulu Bans Church's Ad Over 'Religious Indoctrination' 02/28/2024 - Hunter Biden's Opening Statement at Deposition Assigns Blame for His Troubles 02/28/2024 - 'Uncommitted' Vote is 'A Favor' to Biden, Claims Michigan Organizer. 02/28/2024 - Mehdi Hasan Launches 'Zeteo' Media Company... Which is Currently Just a Substack Account. 02/28/2024 - Doctors Help HIV-Positive Trans Dude 'Breastfeed' Infant. 02/28/2024 - San Diego County considers asking Biden to shut border down 02/28/2024 - Salvadorian illegal immigrant arrested in Maryland in connection with murder of 2-year-old | The Post Millennial | 02/28/2024 - Honduran illegal immigrant arrested for rape of 14-year-old girl at knifepoint and separate stabbing incident in Louisiana | The Post Millennial | 02/28/2024 - Membership has its privileges 02/28/2024 - Indiana's Ban on Gender Treatments for Minors Is Enforceable, Federal Court Rules 02/28/2024 - San Francisco Issues Formal 'Apology' on Behalf of Residents for City's 'Institutional Racism' 02/28/2024 - Ukrainian Chemical Attack Foiled -- FSB 02/28/2024 - Uncommitted Voters Steal the Spotlight in Michigan's Presidential Primaries 02/28/2024 - America's Dike Is Leaking (Op-Ed By Thomas Antkow) 02/28/2024 - Tennessee Bill Would Limit PSL Increases For 10-Year Seat Holders At New Nissan Stadium 02/28/2024 - State Attorneys General Say More Than 85,000 Children Lost At Border 02/28/2024 - Trying To Make Sense... 02/28/2024 - There's more to the Aaron Bushnell story than you're being told, including US Intelligence links and high security clearance... 02/28/2024 - Lawyers Warned Tucker the US Could Arrest Him for Putin Interview 02/28/2024 - Biden and Trump Dominate In Michigan Primaries 02/28/2024 - ABA Shelves Update to Expanded Law School Diversity Policy for Now 02/28/2024 - It's All Relative 02/28/2024 - Biden Administration Undermines Bibi's Vision For Post-War Gaza 02/28/2024 - Drivers Don't Want Electric Cars, Aston Martin Admits 02/28/2024 - Jacob Rothschild has died 02/28/2024 - The Government Misinformation about the Deadly Harms of the 5G Futuristic Technologies. 02/28/2024 - Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Biden DOJ of Seeking 'Death Sentence' against Trump 02/28/2024 - Bill Clinton Comments Denouncing Illegal Immigration Resurface 02/28/2024 - Democratic longshot and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson announces she is BACK in the White House race after beating Dean Phillips in the Michigan primary and after 100,000 voted against Biden in protest 02/28/2024 - Irish Bishops Protest Constitutional Amendment 'Abolishing All Reference to Motherhood' 02/28/2024 - Jewish Students at Harvard Defy Boycott, Protests to Celebrate Israeli Music with Ishay Ribo 02/28/2024 - Three Quarters of Transgender Prisoners Are Sex Offenders or Violent Criminals in Britain 02/28/2024 - US airman Aaron Bushnell claimed to have classified knowledge of US forces fighting in Gaza tunnels on night before setting himself on fire: pal 02/28/2024 - Nathan Wade's ex-divorce attorney mutters 'oh dang' when presented with damning evidence in Fani Willis' trial 02/28/2024 - Google boss Sundar Pichai admits 'woke' images generated by company's Gemini AI chatbot were 'unacceptable' 02/28/2024 - NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for an END to sanctuary cities 02/28/2024 - Biden Lost In Dearborn, Again Proving Radical Is The New Mainstream In The Democrat Party 02/28/2024 - Biden "Migrant" Brags He's on Vacation, Raising Money for Attempted Murder Suspect 02/28/2024 - California Judge Refuses to Block School District's Anti-CRT, Pro-parent Policies 02/28/2024 - Taxation Without Reason 02/28/2024 - Trump Wins Michigan GOP Primary by More Than 40 Percent 02/28/2024 - House Subcommittee Passes Bill To Increase Time On Tennessee's Sex Offender Registry 02/28/2024 - Tennessee Public School Omnibus Bill Narrowly Passes House Subcommittee, Moves Forward To Full Education Committee 02/28/2024 - DEI Is Destroying US Medicine 02/28/2024 - REALLY? Guess Who's Receiving a First Amendment Award (Just Days After THIS Happened) 02/28/2024 - Rep. Lauren Boebert's Son Arrested, Faces 20+ Charges 02/28/2024 - Anti-Israel Protesters Broke Windows, Breached UC-Berkeley Event With IDF Veteran 02/28/2024 - Escaped Columbian killer found living in New Jersey 02/28/2024 - LIVE EXCLUSIVE From Chippewa Falls: Parent Reveals Another Manifesto Suppressed 02/28/2024 - City announces they are laying off employees due to illegal migrants, but DON'T call it "laying off employees" 02/28/2024 - Army units must trim command posts, add drones to survive 02/27/2024 - Rep. Lauren Boebert's Son Faces 22 Charges After Alleged Thefts 02/28/2024 - Judicial Watch Lawsuit: Records Reveal at Least 23 Biting Incidents by Biden's Dog Commander 02/28/2024 - France's Macron Won't Rule Out Boots on the Ground in Ukraine. 02/28/2024 - NY Mag: Biden Should Drop Out *If* He's Still Behind by Summer. 02/28/2024 - Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden by Up to 10 Points Across All Seven Swing States. 02/28/2024 - Unrecognized State of Transnistria in Moldova Asks Putin for Help 02/28/2024 - A Watershed Moment 02/28/2024 - They Are Creating Incredibly Bizarre New Technologies For The Dystopian World Of The Future. 02/28/2024 - Green Billionaires Press Hollywood to Promote Armageddon Climate Messages in Movies 02/28/2024 - Biden Admin Issues Legal Challenge to Block Kroger-Albertsons Merger 02/28/2024 - Tennessee House Subcommittee Pushes Through Bill To Protect Hospital Visits For Patients 02/28/2024 - Trump goes there: blasts Joe Biden for beautiful Laken Riley's death in devastating new ad... 02/28/2024 - Illegal Immigrant From El Salvador Charged In Death Of Two-Year-Old, Judge Previously Ordered Removal From Country 02/28/2024 - Pope Francis Reportedly Hospitalized 02/28/2024 - Oakland, CA, Losing Catholic School Due to Crime and Human Trafficking 02/28/2024 - Midday mass shooting leaves one dead and three injured in Minneapolis 02/28/2024 - Democrat Import: Venezuelan Criminal Allegedly Raped a Child 02/28/2024 - Class Is in Session: Dr. Phil SCHOOLS The View on COVID Classroom Shutdowns 02/28/2024 - Biden's Illegal Migrant Who Murdered Laken Riley BEAT HER SO BADLY, He Disfigured Her Skull 02/28/2024 - ALERT: Texas Wildfire Approaches Nuclear Weapons Facility, Operations Paused 02/28/2024 - The Economic Case for Mass Migration has Finally Collapsed 02/28/2024 - Covid vaccine mandates for police and ambulance workers were unlawful, an Australian court has found 02/28/2024 - Russia Claims to Have Thwarted Ukrainian Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson 02/28/2024 - California Softball Team Kneels for National Anthem in Louisiana, Gets Brutal Response from Patriotic Crowd: 'Liberal Wokeness!' 02/28/2024 - Court Says Democrats Who Broke Quorum Rules Unconstitutionally Spent $1.7 Trillion 02/28/2024 - House Republicans Subpoena DOJ Transcripts Showing Biden Is Too Senile To Face Charges 02/28/2024 - Tennessee Bill That Seemingly Strips Power From Commission Passes Subcommittee In Voice Vote Led By Iris Rudder 02/28/2024 - All Hands On Deck Call To Action To Stop Illegal Immigration In Tennessee 02/28/2024 - LIVE Wednesday 8:00am ET - Voice of Rural America with host BKP 02/28/2024 - Midday mass shooting leaves one dead and three injured in Minneapolis 02/28/2024 - Indian man known as 'Dirty Harry' charged with smuggling illegals across northern border 02/28/2024 - Student Reports GMU Prof to DEI Office After He Criticized Proposal to Add More Mandated DEI Classes 02/28/2024 - 82% of Americans Support Israel 02/28/2024 - Vermont girls' basketball team BANNED from competition for not competing against a boy and the coach is speaking out 02/28/2024 - News Briefs - 02/28/2024 02/28/2024 - Germany buys Rheinmetall's Skyranger to reinstate mobile air defenses 02/28/2024 - Dropouts and Activists 02/28/2024 - Beloved Film 'Mary Poppins' Slapped With Age Rating in UK Due to 'Discriminatory Language.' 02/28/2024 - Masked Anti-Israel Protestor Recognizes Kassy Dillon Outside Concert and MELTS DOWN 02/28/2024 - Trump Georgia Case: Nathan Wade's Divorce Attorney Contradicts Himself Regarding Start of Wade-Willis Relationship 02/28/2024 - Covid Vaccine Mandates Ruled Unlawful by Supreme Court in Australia 02/28/2024 - UK medicines regulator puts patients at serious risk, MPs say 02/28/2024 - Laken Hope Riley's Murder Outs Georgia As Largely A Sanctuary State 02/28/2024 - Climate Cultists Will Do Anything To Save The Planet, Except Stay Home 02/28/2024 - Bill Allowing Unvaccinated Families To Foster & Adopt Passes In Tennessee House Subcommittee By Voice Vote 02/28/2024 - The battle for gun rights is spiritual... Outsource your security at the peril of your soul... 02/28/2024 - Arizona legalizes murder! 02/28/2024 - FARA is a Farce, and Ukraine Proves It... 02/28/2024 - How Boomers can redeem their generation... 02/28/2024 - The rise of AI nihilism... 02/28/2024 - Chasing shadows: the empty pursuits of money and fame as end goals... 02/28/2024 - ... "a foundation of logos, human reason, and techne, the applied arts"... 02/28/2024 - Read Chris Rufo's mission statement for the New College of Florida... 02/28/2024 - FLASHBACK: Dr. Robert Malone, Joe Rogan and Dr. Zelenko! 02/28/2024 - The EV market hits the brakes as sales hit a speed bump! 02/28/2024 - Biden's Smoking Gun Phone Call 02/27/2024 - Why can you eat all the bread you want in Europe and feel fine? 02/28/2024 - France orders 3,000 camouflage nets for cloaking foxhole radio signals 02/28/2024 - 'A Kids Book About Immigration' is as Awful as it Sounds 02/28/2024 - Disastrous Gemini Rollout Exposes Leftist Rot Permeating All Of Google 02/28/2024 - Andrew Bridgen's defamation suit against Midazolam Matt has its first hearing on Friday 02/28/2024 - Al Jazeera Is A Foreign Agent For Qatar, So Why Isn't Biden Making It Register As One? 02/28/2024 - 'Bait-And-Switch' Health Care Package Illustrates Washington's Addiction To Spending 02/28/2024 - Inquiry into Covid Vaccine Safety "Very Likely" Says Senior MP as MPs Blast Regulator for Failing to Sound Alarm About Side-Effects 02/28/2024 - 'Religious diversity' good for higher ed, atheist professor says 02/28/2024 - University of Minnesota has 1 administrator for every 3 undergrads 02/28/2024 - Wisconsin student pushes back against 'racist, offensive' assignment 02/28/2024 - The College Fix hires veteran journalist as assistant editor 02/28/2024 - Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: Support for Anti-Nuclear Nonprofits 02/27/2024 - Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: "Extraordinarily Rare" 02/27/2024 - Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: "Unexpected" 02/27/2024 - Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: Part X 02/27/2024 - Electric Power vs. Green Goals 02/28/2024 - Just Human #256 02/28/2024 -