The UK heat pumps scandal has gone on for too long. End subsidiesnow 04/16/2024 - New 'Athenai Institute' Pushes Universities to Divest from China 04/16/2024 - Analysis: New Poll Finds Trump Leads Biden Among Voters Above 30 Years Old Who Say It's Time for a Change 04/16/2024 - Gen Z Returning to Trade and Vocational Schools 04/16/2024 - Commentary: Speaker Mike Johnson's 'Personal Conservatism' Betrays the Conservative Movement 04/16/2024 - Atlanta Public Safety Training Center Slated to Open January 2025 Despite Opposition 04/16/2024 - Media Picks Up Novel Legal Theory Suggesting Big Oil Is Homicidal 04/16/2024 - Nikki Haley Announces New Gig After Failed Presidential Campaign 04/16/2024 - Compensation Rate Increase for Veterans with Disabilities, Survivors Proposed 04/16/2024 - Left-Wing Outlet Hurtles Toward Bankruptcy Following Megadonor's Retreat: Report 04/16/2024 - Avoid term 'peanut gallery,' UNC dorm group social justice training warns 04/15/2024 - IRS Office Forced To Close Early Due To Massive Crowd And Fighting 04/15/2024 - Christopher Rufo Goes Through New NPR CEO's Amazingly Woke Twitter Timeline 04/15/2024 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Trump "Emissaries" Asked Him About Being Vice President, "I Respectfully Declined" 04/15/2024 - Insist on Truth - The Case of the Missing Kemp Campaign Transactions 4/14/24 04/15/2024 - Wow... fascinating... 04/15/2024 - Turley: A serial perjurer is trying to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system... 04/15/2024 - Vivek and Elon team up and body slam Fat Alvin's corrupt lawfare case against President Trump... 04/15/2024 - Explosive: Dinesh D'Souza interviews acquitted 'Whitmer fednapper' Brandon Caseros (VIDEO)... 04/15/2024 - Philanthropy in (as Self-Defined, a "Transformative") Solidarity 04/15/2024 - Henry and Roving (RR) 04/15/2024 - We Warned You: Germany Will Have to Ban Weekend Driving to Meet Net Zero Goals 04/15/2024 - California Lost Track Of $24 Billion? 04/15/2024 - Police Protect Terrorist Lefties As They Shutdown Bridges & Airports 04/15/2024 - Exit Stage Right: Investors Are Bailing on Green Funds 04/15/2024 - Alec Baldwin's Armorer Targeted With Maximum Sentence for "Rust" Shooting 04/15/2024 - Sobbing 'Rust' armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed given maximum 18 month sentence... 04/15/2024 - Interesting... 04/15/2024 - LA Times' latest complaint: racial health 'disparities' in 'miracle' weight-loss drugs... 04/15/2024 - Bodies of missing Kansas moms ID'd as preacher's wife and pal who were victims of 'absolutely brutal crime'... 04/15/2024 - Shocking video captures scam victim pointing gun at innocent Uber driver before allegedly killing her... 04/15/2024 - High school trans runner sparks outrage as he zips past female athletes and leaves them in the dust at competition... 04/15/2024 - Kentucky, Tennessee transgender cases may come next... 04/15/2024 - Court indicates it will no longer tolerate broad, sweeping injunctions... 04/15/2024 - NEW: Supreme Court allows Idaho to temporarily enforce ban on 'gender-affirming care' for mentally confused 'trans' youth... 04/15/2024 - LOL... 04/15/2024 - Supreme Court Declines to Halt Police Officer's Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Protest Organizer 04/15/2024 - Free Beacon Looks Into President Joe Biden's Lifelong Stutter 04/15/2024 - Jemele Hill: O.J. Simpson's Death Is a Reminder of the Racial Rift That His Trial Exposed 04/15/2024 - WARNING: U.S. Government May Freeze American Bank Withdrawals 04/15/2024 - SCOTUS Allows Idaho To Implement Ban On 'Gender-Affirming Care' For Transgender Youth 04/15/2024 - Elon Musk Reiterates Plans To Build Base On Mars 04/15/2024 - Colorado House Passes Semiautomatic Firearm Ban. 04/15/2024 - Public Inquiry Finds Chinese Election Interference Aided Justin Trudeau -Is The Same Tactic Happening Here? 04/15/2024 - RFK's Fake News Report: Donald Trump Asked Him to Be His VP 04/15/2024 - House Votes Again to Approve Spying on American Citizens Without a Warrant 04/15/2024 - Now THAT'S Funny! NPR Correspondent Insists that 'Our News Room Is Not Rotted By Political Ideology' 04/15/2024 - DEVELOPING: Emergency Personnel Reportedly Respond To Fire At Army Ammunition Plant 04/15/2024 - 1 Killed, 11 Injured In Mass Shooting Outside Of NOLA Nightclub 04/15/2024 - NASA Takes Responsibility For Mystery Object That Crashed Through House Roof In Florida 04/15/2024 - BREAKING: House Votes To Block Reconsideration Of FISA Warrantless Spying 04/15/2024 - When it comes to AI, be afraid, be very afraid 04/15/2024 - News Round-Up 04/15/2024 - Canadian Man Chooses Assisted Suicide After Four-day ER Stay Leaves Him With Huge Bedsore 04/15/2024 - Let's Thank Rep. August, Sen. Wimberger, & WI Voters For Ending Zuckerbucks 04/15/2024 - Wisconsin's Largest Business Group Sues Over Evers' 400-year School Funding Veto 04/15/2024 - Israel Will Retaliate Against Iran Within 48 Hours 04/15/2024 - Lessons in Woke: Santa Monica Elementary Schools 5th Grade Class Explores Their 'White Privilege' 04/15/2024 - John Kirby Says Biden Doesn't Believe Iran Attack Needs to Lead to a Wider War 04/15/2024 - FBI Opens Criminal Probe Into Crew Of Ship That Crashed Into Francis Scott Key Bridge 04/15/2024 - Global and Coordinated Pro-Hamas Blockade Hits US Cities 04/15/2024 - 'Good Day for a Book Burning Party!': Teachers Union Executive Goes FULL FASCIST Over New Book 04/15/2024 - No, New York Cops Did Not Rip Off a Protester's Hijab 04/15/2024 - Supreme Court Rules GOP-Led State Can Begin Enforcing Ban On Transgender Procedures For Minors 04/15/2024 - Trump May Have To Miss Son Barron's High School Graduation Due To Hush Money Trial 04/15/2024 - 'Death to America' Chants in Chicago As Local Muslims, Leftists Laud Iran's 'Resistance.' 04/15/2024 - DATA: Just 5% of 'Civil War' Moviegoers Identify As Conservative. 04/15/2024 - Biden's So-Called 'Nuclear' Border Option is Just Basic Trump-Era Policy. 04/15/2024 - Zuckerberg Pushes for Meta VR in School Classrooms. 04/15/2024 - NPR CEO's Rabid, Hate-Trump Leftism Resurfaces After Her Reply to Insider Smack Down of Network 04/15/2024 - U.S., Japan, Philippines Deal Will Change Dynamic in South China Sea, Marcos Claims 04/15/2024 - 'Scam Trial': Trump Slams Judge, Says He May Not Let Him Go to Son's Graduation, Campaign 04/15/2024 - Manhattan DA's Office Demands $1,000 Sanctions Per Trump Social Media Post, Threatens Jail Time for 'Gag Order' Violations 04/15/2024 - Georgetown students demand 'gender inclusive' housing 04/15/2024 - Having Solved Crime in Seattle, the Seattle Police Department Turns Its Attention to the Middle East 04/15/2024 - BREAKING: Israel Vows To Retaliate Against Iran With New Devastating Strike (World War 3) 04/15/2024 - Crowder Crew Debates Iran v. Israel: Is This WW3 as people claim? 04/15/2024 - Nikki Haley Takes On New Position At The Hudson Institute 04/15/2024 - New Poll Reveals That Overwhelming Majority Of Swing State Voters Prioritize Border Security Over Ukraine Aid 04/15/2024 - Things not happening in Florida: Road-blocking protests 04/15/2024 - 1st Day of Trump's Scam Trial in Corrupt Manhattan 04/15/2024 - Rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Sentenced to 18 Months 04/15/2024 - Mob Chants 'Death to America,' Burns Old Glory in NYC 04/15/2024 - Judge Says That Trump Must Appear in Court for the Duration of His Trial or Face Arrest 04/15/2024 - Supreme Court Upholds Idaho Ban on Sex Changes for Minors 04/15/2024 - ELECTION RIGGING: Corrupt Biden-Donor Judge Says He Will Arrest Trump If He Skips One Day of Months Long Trial 04/15/2024 - Iranian Activist Blasts Islamic Regime for Pushing War with Israel: 'We Want Peace' 04/15/2024 - IDF Chief States Israel Will Respond to Iranian Strike 04/15/2024 - Rochester counselor blows whistle on trans 'guidelines' that district was 'trying to hide' 04/15/2024 - DFL disavows one of its endorsed candidates citing 'violent and threatening behaviors' 04/15/2024 - Kirby Comments on Sanctions After Attack 04/15/2024 - Shoppers React After Closing Of Favorite Franchise 04/15/2024 - SCOTUS To Decided About Charges In Riot Cases 04/15/2024 - Can the Man Not Keep ANY of His Appendages Attached?! John Bobbit Is Back in the News, Ladies and Gents 04/15/2024 - Maybe YOU'RE CRINGEY: Gen Z Complains 'Sex and the City' Is Outdated, 'Cringey' 04/15/2024 - Who Won Between Israel and Iran Over The Weekend....And What's Next [Analysis From Noah] 04/15/2024 - "Medical" Board Announces Goal To Eradicate "Transphobia" And Those Who Disagree With Gender Ideology 04/15/2024 - CNN Cuts Charles Barkley And Gayle King's Weekly Night Show 'King Charles' After Only 6 Months 04/15/2024 - Clarence Thomas Misses Monday Supreme Court Session, No Explanation 04/15/2024 - Anti-Israel Protestors Launch Global 'Coordinated Economic Blockade to Free Palestine,' Staging Protests In Major Cities In America And Abroad 04/15/2024 - This Is Fine: Insurance Now a 'Luxury Item,' Thanks to Biden and the Left 04/15/2024 - Mark Cuban Corrects Himself on Taxes and Accidentally Shows His Dishonesty 04/15/2024 - Australia: 15-Year-Old Arrested After Stabbing Church Bishop, Churchgoers 04/15/2024 - Map Reveals 'Forever Chemicals' Hotspots -Are You Near One? 04/15/2024 - Judge May Force Trump to Miss Son Barron's High School Graduation. 04/15/2024 - 'Rust' Armorer Gets 18 Months in Prison, Alec Baldwin's Trial Approaches. 04/15/2024 - Sen. Rand Paul Says Fifteen Federal Agencies Knew of EcoHealth Coronavirus Research and Possible Link to Covid 04/15/2024 - Shock Findings: Plastic Shopping Bags Cause Around Four Times Less 'Carbon' Emissions than Paper Substitutes 04/15/2024 - 4% of Voters Say Biden's Economy Is 'Excellent,' New York Times Poll Shows 04/15/2024 - Happy Tax Day! Your Earnings Paid For Cats On Treadmills And Egyptian Tourists 04/15/2024 - FBI Announces Criminal Investigation of Baltimore Bridge Collapse 04/15/2024 - FISA Exchanges Real Liberty for Phantom Security 04/15/2024 - U.S. Helps Shoot Down Iranian Missiles; Speaker Johnson Shills for Intel 04/15/2024 - Former U.K. General: Ukraine Could be Defeated in 2024 04/15/2024 - Pastor Mark Driscoll Gets Kicked Off Stage in Springfield, Missouri at Men's Conference for Calling Out Male Stripper on Stage as Jezebels Spirit (WATCH) 04/15/2024 - President Trump: "America Supports Israel" 04/15/2024 - 'Rust' armorer given maximum sentence by New Mexico judge 04/15/2024 - Biden Released $10 Billion to the Terrorists in Iran Last Month 04/15/2024 - Terrorists 9 Minutes from the WTC: "Death to America," Hezbollah Flag Waving 04/15/2024 - Aaron Rupar: Sen. Tom Cotton Wants Protesters Blocking Golden Gate Bridge to Be Tossed Over 04/15/2024 - Karine Jean-Pierre's Attempt to Spin Gas Prices Hit a Brick Wall After Reporter's Reality Check 04/15/2024 - Survivors Of 2017 Ariana Grande UK Concert Bombing To File Lawsuit Against Intelligence Agency 04/15/2024 - Senior Saudi official says Iran 'engineered' war in Gaza and 'should have been stopped a long time ago' 04/15/2024 - The War is Meant to be Continuous 04/15/2024 - Diversity Pilot Busy Taking Selfies Instead of Flying Plane 04/15/2024 - Judicial Watch: Hearing Set for Tuesday in Lawsuit for Release of 'Manifesto' in Nashville School Shooting 04/15/2024 - Radical Islamist Stabs Bishop, 4 Others During a Service in Sydney 04/15/2024 - Peter Doocy Paints John Kirby Into a Corner Over Biden's Embarrassing 'Don't' Doctrine 04/15/2024 - WATCH: Bill Maher Says Canada Is a Cautionary Tale on Moving Too Far Left 04/15/2024 - 'Rust' Movie Armorer Given 18-Month Prison Sentence For Involuntary Manslaughter 04/15/2024 - The Battle for Informed Consent 04/15/2024 - Jim Jordan Accuses Biden's DHS Chief of Withholding Documents on 'Criminal Illegal Aliens' Crossing Border 04/15/2024 - Nolte: Failing CNN Cancels Charles Barkley and Gayle King's 'King Charles' 04/15/2024 - Republicans Probe Whether Biden Received 'Defensive' Briefings About Foreign Funds 04/15/2024 - Minneapolis Backs Off on Rideshare Pay Increase After Uber & Lyft Threaten to Leave 04/15/2024 - After Iran Attack, U.S. House to Work on Israel Aid, Setting Ukraine Aside 04/15/2024 - "Trans Woman," Self-Described "Vampire," Convicted in Sex Assault, Charged With First-degree Murder 04/15/2024 - The glow from Uranus is pretty cool... 04/15/2024 - New lawsuit claims "Lunchables" are packed with massive amounts of metal... 04/15/2024 - Stunning video builds case for only Trump as commander-in-chief... 04/15/2024 - Election Loophole Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote in Wisconsin... 04/15/2024 - BlackRock CEO Melts Down as Profits Plummet over WokeAgenda... 04/15/2024 - He saw Lincoln get shot... 04/15/2024 - Democrat Lawmakers Are Getting Worried About RFK Jr's Rise... 04/15/2024 - New York Times Latest Poll Is A Different Kind Of Death Blow To Biden... 04/15/2024 - Prediction: Trump will Be Found Guilty in NYC And Bragg Will Try to Imprison Him... 04/15/2024 - 6 Bizarre facts to know about the conjoined twins... 04/15/2024 - There's a big issue dashing hopes of reining in inflation anytime soon 04/15/2024 - Video: Bishop Stabbed in Sydney Attack Spoke Against Zionist Aggression 04/15/2024 - Congress Calls for Immediate Vote on $95 Billion Foreign Aid Bill 04/15/2024 - Man Breaks Woman's Nose, Is Released Thanks To Woke Bail Reform, Gets Arrested Again For Punching A Child 04/15/2024 - MIT's VP for Equity and Inclusion Gets MAJOR HEAT for Implying Airplane Seat Mate Is Racist 04/15/2024 - Rep. Eric Swalwell Accused Clay Travis of Trump 'Jury Tampering' (Somebody Call 9-1-1) 04/15/2024 - REPORT: RBC Bank In Canada REFUSES To Allow Customer To Withdraw His Own Funds! 04/15/2024 - SCOTUS Denies MyPillow CEO Lindell's Appeal Over 2022 Phone Seizure 04/15/2024 - Importing Enemies 04/15/2024 - NYC Jewish Public Defenders Sue Over Union's Pro-Hamas Activism 04/15/2024 - Clinton-Linked Diplomat Spied For Cuba, Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail. 04/15/2024 - ANOTHER Media Firm Losing Cash, May Fold. 04/15/2024 - Judge Blocks Orthodox Jews, Who Overwhelmingly Back Trump, from Trial Jury. 04/15/2024 - New Chief of NPR's Hat Explains Why a Thriving Conservative Alternative to these Hacks Is a MUST 04/15/2024 - Anti-Israel Activists Block Highways Near O'Hare Airport, Golden Gate Bridge 04/15/2024 - BlackRock CEO Melts Down as Profits Plummet over Woke ESG Agenda 04/15/2024 - Prosecutors prod judge to fine Trump $3K, hold him in 'contempt' for breaching gag order 04/15/2024 - Anti-Israel protesters shut down O'Hare airport by blocking highway - as video shows frustrated passengers abandoning their taxis and cars and walking 20 MINUTES to the terminal 04/15/2024 - Colorado County Sues State For Banning Local Enforcement Of Immigration Laws 04/15/2024 - GOP Governor Vetoes Rule Requiring Wyomingites To Prove Residency To Register To Vote 04/15/2024 - Protesters Block Traffic at O'Hare International Airport and the Golden Gate Bridge 04/15/2024 - "State of the Bible" Has Good News Among the Bad 04/15/2024 - Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin's History of Going Soft on Iran Draws Renewed Scrunity 04/15/2024 - Newt Gingrich Commentary: The American People vs. Judicial Corruption 04/15/2024 - FBI Launches Criminal Investigation Into Ship That Caused Baltimore Bridge Collapse 04/15/2024 - Tesla Announces Layoffs as Sales Slow 04/15/2024 - Pence joins Grove City College's new 'Center for Faith & Public Life' 04/15/2024 - Harvard, Stanford, MIT get Fs for addressing antisemitism: report 04/15/2024 - Foursome charged with kidnapping and murder of two missing Kansas women 04/15/2024 - Robots Must Now Get Sundays Off To Rest, German Court Rules 04/15/2024 - Congress should address recurring cases of cyber espionage at home 04/15/2024 - STABBING RAMPAGE: Screaming "ALLAHU AKBAR!," Muslim Stabs Bishop, Priest and Churchgoers During Live Telecast at Church in Sydney, Australia 04/15/2024 - 'Severe Weather Risk' To Impact 50 Million Americans, From The Plains To East Coast 04/15/2024 - Biden Meets With Iraqi PM After Iran's Attack On Israel, Middle East Tensions Rising 04/15/2024 - Sacre Bleu! French Professor Learns the HARD WAY Not to Lecture Americans on What Is and Is Not American 04/15/2024 - Sydney Watson OWNS Trans Activist/Comedian Trashing 'Cis Girls' SO Bad (S)He Tries Deleting (We Got It!) 04/15/2024 - Scrabble Does Not Need to be Made More 'Inclusive' 04/15/2024 - Cloudy With A Chance Of Stability 04/15/2024 - WEF Pushing Digital IDs to Enforce Vaccination Compliance 04/15/2024 -
Kansas Republicans 'Stand Ready' To Override Veto Of Bill Banning Trans Experiments On Kids 04/15/2024 - The Big China Threat 04/15/2024 - Oops: Stormy Daniels unequivocally stated in writing that the affair and 'hush money' never happened... 04/15/2024 - Wow... 04/15/2024 - NYP: Joe Biden lies and lies and lies because he's never had to pay any price... 04/15/2024 - Warning signs: What today's 'A15' protests tell us about the US election... 04/15/2024 - Pool of 500 jurors to be screened, judge says... 04/15/2024 - Trump tests limits of gag order ahead of New York trial... 04/15/2024 - JUST IN: Prosecutors ask judge to hold Trump in CONTEMPT... throw him in JAIL... 04/15/2024 - Rep. Neu Brindley: Democrat legislation 'most dishonest bill we've seen this session' 04/15/2024 - Knives Out 04/15/2024 - Watch: An illegal migrant can't speak English, so he uses a translator app to rob a bank 04/15/2024 - Marines pick three companies for loitering munitions program 04/15/2024 - All the US assets that helped repel Iran's attack on Israel 04/15/2024 - Man Screaming 'Allah Akbar' Stabs Priest and 3 Others in Australia 04/15/2024 - Here's How Biden and Harris Told Zelenskyy He Could Help Their Reelection Effort 04/15/2024 - Here are the 42 Questions Trump Jury Pool Must Answer (To Skew The Jury) in Rigged Trial 04/15/2024 - Samsung Overtakes Apple As Top Phone Maker As iPhone Shipments Decrease, IDC Says 04/15/2024 - State-Protected Atheist Author Salman Rushdie Says Trump's 2nd Term Makes America 'Unlivable,' Threatens to Leave. 04/15/2024 - Democrat Judge Tells Trump He'll Be Arrested if He Misses Trial to Campaign for President. 04/15/2024 - Anti-Israel Activists Blocking Roads, Airports in Major Cities 04/15/2024 - Saudi Arabia & Jordan Defended Israel During Iran's Assault 04/15/2024 - NYC DA Wants Trump Thrown in Jail For Contempt 04/15/2024 - Adam Kinzinger Posts 'Emergency Video' Blaming Trump for Iran and LOL the Jokes Write Themselves (WATCH) 04/15/2024 - Is Sue the New KAREN? Short, 'Huffy' Canadian Woman RAGES About Tall Trucks annnd All X Can Do Is LAUGH 04/15/2024 - Republicans in South Carolina Pass Bill to Cut DEI Policies From Hiring and Admissions at Public Schools 04/15/2024 - Election Loophole Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote in Wisconsin 04/15/2024 - Thousands of Japanese Citizens Flood Streets to Protest WHO, WEF, Bill Gates, Vaccines 04/15/2024 - 'Bidenbucks' Make 'Zuckbucks' Look Like Chump Change 04/15/2024 - Radical Leftists Roar 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel' at Chicago Conference, Shocking Footage Emerges (WATCH) 04/15/2024 - US officials expect Israeli counter-attack as soon as today... 04/15/2024 - Witch-hunt: Trump's criminal trial begins... 04/15/2024 - Trump trial an indictment of New York legal system... 04/15/2024 - DA Alvin Bragg's case is even stupider than you imagined... 04/15/2024 - Wow... 04/15/2024 - Watch: Peter Thiel finally reveals how he and Hulk Hogan took down woke fake news outlet Gawker... 04/15/2024 - Violent, radical left-wing activist gets instant karma so brutal, she's left sobbing... 04/15/2024 - VIDEO: Bishop Stabbed at Pulpit in Anti-Christian Attack 04/15/2024 - Truck driver charged after smashing into Texas DPS office killing 1, injuring 13 others 04/15/2024 - Brazilian UFC fighter gives post-win speech that oozes with patriotism: "I want to carry and own f*cking guns" 04/15/2024 - Why "Flatten the Curve" and Not Treating People for Respiratory Infections Created Fauci's Incubators, Killed Millions and Led to New Variants 04/15/2024 - How Will Israel Retaliate Against Iran? 04/15/2024 - WATCH: Pro-Hamas Protesters Shut Down ANOTHER Road, This Time to O'Hare Airport 04/15/2024 - Byron York Sharing Judge Merchan's Statement for Prospective Trump Jurors Shows Case for the SHAM It Is 04/15/2024 - [WARNING - EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE] Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Violently Attacked, Massive Protests Erupt 04/15/2024 - Report: FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Collapse 04/15/2024 - Iran's propaganda: airs video of fire in Chile claiming it is its missiles destroying Israel 04/15/2024 - Guess What Happens When Trans Person Races in Girls' Races 04/15/2024 - Anti-Semites Block Airport Roadways in Chicago 04/15/2024 - Get a LOAD of This Chick's TWEETS! NPR's CEO Has Long History of Woke, Anti-Trump, Pro-Leftist Rhetoric 04/15/2024 - Good Morning, Dear Readers! OOPS, Our Bad, 'Good Morning' Is Now a Symbol of White Oppression - WATCH 04/15/2024 - John Kirby Shifts Into Spin Overdrive When Confronted With Biden's Horrible Track Record 04/15/2024 - 23-Year-Old College Football Player Found Dead Near Campus 04/15/2024 - Tesla Announces Mass Layoffs 04/15/2024 - Jury Selection Begins in Trump NYC 'Hush Money' Trial 04/15/2024 - Blame Tory Ministers for the NHS's Woke-ification 04/15/2024 - The Whistleblower and the Anglo Saxon Mission - A message from Project Avalon That Will Chill You to the Bone! 04/15/2024 - Jonathan Turley: Trump Has 'Very Significant Advantage' in 'Hush Money' Trial 04/15/2024 - RFK Jr Qualifies for Iowa Ballot after Special 'One-Day Blitz' in State 04/15/2024 - Feds, Scientists Take Fire For Allegedly Hiding COVID Origins Truth 04/15/2024 - Tennessee RINOs Love Their Supporters... 04/15/2024 - Crickets from Chirp Systems in Smart Lock Key Leak 04/15/2024 - Unreal... 04/15/2024 - Married Nebraska teacher caught naked in SUV with teen student 04/15/2024 - New NPR CEO Has One of the Wildest Anti-White Racist Social Media Histories You Could Imagine. 04/15/2024 - FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Smashed by Container Ship. 04/15/2024 - Judicial Watch Statement on Prosecution of President Donald Trump in the 'Hush Money' Trial 04/15/2024 - Biden Let U.N. Sanctions on Iran Missiles Expire Before Israel Attack 04/14/2024 - If This Report Is True About Biden and Iran, There Should Be Impeachment Hearings 04/14/2024 - David A. Hearst: Stop the War! Stop! 04/15/2024 - DUDE: Seth Abramson DRAGGED for Demanding FBI Investigate Trump for Iran Post Seth Himself Manipulated 04/15/2024 - Anti-American Leftists Cheer For Iran Because The enemies are USA and Israel 04/15/2024 - [WATCH] GOP Senator Says There's No Difference Between House Speaker Johnson In Charge Versus Democrats 04/15/2024 - Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Rural School Districts to Arm Staff Members 04/15/2024 - Israel Defense Forces say coalition successfully intercepted over 99 percent of Iranian drones, missiles 04/15/2024 - Joe Biden accused of 'sleepwalking' US into 'catastrophic war' as IDF threatens airstrike on Iran 04/15/2024 - 10 Illegal Alien Pedophiles Arrested during Raid in Texas 04/15/2024 - 24-Year-Old Italian Soccer Star Suffers Heart Attack Mid-Game 04/15/2024 - South American gangs armed with knives are running wild on Los Angeles highways targeting terrified jewelers in brazen daytime robberies - slashing tires, shattering windows and even planting trackers on their cars 04/15/2024 - Trump's attorneys go to war with Manhattan prosecutors in his first criminal trial 04/15/2024 - 'The situation on Ukraine's eastern front has significantly worsened in recent days', Kyiv warns 04/15/2024 - Another Stabbing Rocks Sydney - Shock Video: Priest, Worshippers Attacked During Church Service 04/15/2024 - Footage 'shows terrified Iranians queuing for petrol as they prepare to flee for possible Israeli retaliation for missile and drone attack' 04/15/2024 - Ohio man, 81, is charged with murder for shooting dead female Uber driver who was called by a scammer to pick up parcel outside his home 04/15/2024 - American Sailors, Airmen Helped Thwart Iranian Missile Attack on Israel 04/15/2024 - Israel threatens AIRSTRIKES on Iran as Biden is accused of 'sleepwalking the US into another catastrophic war' 04/15/2024 - Brute who slugged little girl in Grand Central was free after another attack days earlier: cops 04/15/2024 - Biden 'sleepwalking' into 'catastrophic war,' expert says, as IDF mulls retaliatory strike against Iran 04/15/2024 - Biden's Easing Of Iran Sanctions In Focus After Missile Strike On Israel 04/15/2024 - Tennessee AG's Division Of Consumer Affairs Provides Tips To Avoid Tax Return Scams 04/15/2024 - Thoughts Mixed On Impact Of Potential Super Bowl 04/15/2024 - Their Voting Records Are the Window To Their Souls 04/15/2024 - Rush Explains Why the "Commie Pinkos" Backed Joe Biden 04/15/2024 - Syracuse police officer, Onondaga County deputy both killed in gunbattle while checking on suspicious vehicle 04/15/2024 - Richard Grenell DROPS Lefty 'Travel Enthusiast' After He Thanks Biden for Making Others Pay Off His Debt 04/15/2024 - Watch: Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Attacked LIVE on Camera by a Knife-Wielding Madman in Australia 04/15/2024 - FBI Launches Probe Into Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse 04/15/2024 - Iran attacks Israel: Is This Really WW3?! Everything You need to Know (Sources) 04/15/2024 - Watch: Brian Stelter deconstructs why everyone calls him a potato, blames Fox News 04/15/2024 - Watch: Chicago Activists Learn To Say 'Death To America' In Farsi, Cheer After Hearing Iran Launched Attack On Israel 04/15/2024 - Horrifying Moment Smiling Stabber Attacks Bishop During Sermon, Erupting Riots On Sydney's Streets That Forced Major Hospital Into Lockdown 04/15/2024 - Peevish Justices Shield Predatory Lenders 04/15/2024 - News Briefs - 04/15/2024 04/15/2024 - Mark Cuban SCHOOLED in Heated Back and Forth After Pushing Debunked Narrative on Trump's Tax Cuts and LOL 04/15/2024 - Fifteen Years Later - A Look Back at How the Media Mistreated the Tea Party Movement 04/15/2024 - Comprehensive Russian Temperature Reconstruction Shows Warmer Temperatures 1000 Years Ago! 04/15/2024 - VIDEO: Bishop Stabbed During Live-Streamed Service. 04/15/2024 - Trump's 'Hush Money' Trial, With Democrat-Linked Judge, Starts Today. 04/15/2024 - The Astrophysicist Warning About the Coming Little Ice Age: "It's Already Started" 04/15/2024 - Iran Demands U.S Stand Down in Wake of Missile Attack on Israel 04/15/2024 - Law Protecting Religious Rights Of Foster, Adoptive Parents Signed By Governor Lee 04/15/2024 - Newly Signed Law Removes Vaccine Requirements For Foster And Adoptive Families In Tennessee 04/15/2024 - Seven ways the Biden Admin has completely failed Iranian policy... 04/15/2024 - Ghana's ruling party presidential candidate takes strong anti-gay stance... 04/15/2024 - "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez to be sentenced for fatal on-set shooting... 04/15/2024 - PODCAST: Sports App gambling a perfect storm of cultural decay, empty economics and technology... 04/15/2024 - EV stock tanks after YouTube review goes terribly wrong... 04/15/2024 - This Week in History: Apr. 15-21, 2024 04/15/2024 - Biden admin has flown over 400,000 migrants to airports across US 04/15/2024 - Saudis Say Iran Instigated Gaza War to Sabotage Israel Normalization 04/15/2024 - 'Israel, Free Us From The Islamic regime': Iranians Support The IDF 04/15/2024 - PO-TAY-TO: Brian 'Spud' Stelter Tries to Explain the Joke, Makes It SOOOO Much Worse 04/15/2024 - Professor Cornel West Chooses BLM Activist as Running Mate 04/15/2024 - Massive Rallies Break Out in Japan Against WHO's Pandemic Treaty. - 'Don't Underestimate the Japanese' 04/15/2024 - Vatican Prosecutors Charge Italian Journalist with 'Defamation' for Criticizing Pope Francis 04/15/2024 - Why Are Women Naturally Drawn To Toxic Leftist Beliefs? 04/15/2024 - Sen. 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