About Us

This project is a rolling news aggregator that pulls links from various independent conservative news sources. Most of the links are pulled from RSS feeds, or a handy little bot that we wrote, as well as added manually by us.

The links at the top are those we plucked from the automated feeds, or those we added manually.  The links below the top links are from the automated feeds.  Links at the top-left of the two columns (if you're not on a smartphone display) are the most recent.  Once they hit the bottom of the left column, they're moved to the top of the right column.

We pull links from the previous 24 hours.  We were pulling from the past 36 hours, but we just have too many damn links.  If you want to see older links, we now have an archive page, but all the links on the front page are (should be) fresh.

We like news that isn't covered heavily by the main-stream digital media (forget traditional main-stream), therefore, we wanted a place to post links we found interesting. Eventually, that turned into a time-consuming endeavor.

When we'd go a few days or even a week without posting, the site would be dead. That's when we decided to, at a minimum, pull news from the feeds of various sources as a "filler".

As we continued to add sources, the page was filling up with lots of links, which in turn brought more readers to the site. We're now pulling from over 100 sources daily, and have more than enough news to keep anyone up to speed on current events.

We prefer to pull links from feeds of smaller and independent sites. It seems most conservative aggregators that pop up are simply a one-stop-shop for the same big sites, like Daily Caller, Breitbart, or Daily Wire.

These heavy-traffic sites are important to conservative media because they have the resources to sustain full time staff to work on breaking hard news, but there's many smaller sites who link back to them, usually by reporting on the story or using it for their original commentary and analysis.  We like to pull from those smaller sites.

Each link in the feed is two rows, with the title on top with the article's published date and source domain below. We like to know the age of the article and where it's from before clicking on it. When you click on a link, it opens in a new tab so you don't have to find your way back if you clicked around on the link source's site. I know, radical, out-of-the-box thinking.

One pattern we've noticed with our feed pulls is the same story covered by one source may be covered by others, especially if it's hot. This behavior annoyed us at first when multiple sources would "clump" together the same story, but we found it to be a useful side effect.

Because we keep the links rolling fresh and moving fast due to the volume of feed sources, an important story can easily be missed if someone doesn't visit for a day or two. However, some sources are slower to report on a story over a few days, so even if the story itself isn't new, the link to the article is, giving our readers more opportunity to catch aged news items that come back around while keeping our links fresh and moving. Maybe in the future we'll throw some AI at this to smooth it out some, but it's OK for now.

We like simplicity. We don't like aggregators that are too cluttered and loaded down with malware, therefore we made a decision to keep the site very basic, simple, and clean. Any changes we make to the site will be subtle and in line with our minimalist philosophy.

Regarding clutter and malware, we do not use Google Analytics or any third-party tracking crap. We instead use an open-source alternative named Matomo that we run on our own servers; it's a light footprint, and we don't share your visitor data with anyone. Beyond that, there's no tracking of any kind.


Q: How can I contact you?

Contact us here.


Q: What do you mean "rolling" news aggregator?

We pull links as they're published to the feeds, pushing down the older links. After 36 hours or so, they drop off the page. One thing that annoys us with other aggregators is they will keep a story up for a few days, and sometimes even longer. I like to know how old an article is before I click, hence why we display the link's publish date.


Q: Can I filter links by source or date?

Not yet, but we'll figure out how to implement that cleanly.


Q: Is there a way to share links?

We're about to implement that soon.


Q: Do you post articles from never-Trump sites?

No. They can all rot in hell. If one of the aggregators from whom we pull slips in a link from such a site, and we catch it, we'll add the domain to our "reject" list. If you see any, please let us know.


Q: Why do I sometimes see links from leftists sites?

It's posted by one of the aggregators from whom we pull. Most of the time the story is fine, and often we do post stories manually from Reuters, CNBC, Barron's, and other such leftists sites. MarketWatch, for example, will publish a story with actual economic data that's positive, albeit wrapped in leftists slant.


Q: Where are the disgusting ads with images that look like rotting genitalia? And where are all the pop-ups?

Sorry, but we don't have any of that. We just have news links.


Q: I used to see Fox News before the election. Do you still post their links?

Hell no. We now reject all links to those seditious coup-conspirators. They can go to hell.