Elon Musk Exposing "Old" Twitter Election Interference 12/01/2022 - tatumreport.com Fed Indicator Shows Inflation Slowed to 6% in October, Still Well Above 2% Target 12/01/2022 - tatumreport.com Thanks to latest CNN layoffs, Chris Cillizza will reportedly have to not root for a side somewhere else 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Florida LOSER Dan Uhlfelder REKT for claiming 'don't say gay' bill bans saying Hanukkah in FL schools 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com ROBBED: Biden Regime Approves Rule That Funnels Workers' Retirement Funds To The Radical Left 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com DOJ probes Stanford over alleged Title IX discrimination 12/01/2022 - www.oann.com Over 170 Brazilian Military Officers Send Letter To High Command Demanding Action To Preserve Their Honor, And Nation's Freedom - CD Media 11/30/2022 - creativedestructionmedia.com Court: Air Force 'wrongly' dismisses religious exemption requests from unvaxxed airmen 11/30/2022 - www.wnd.com Did an 'LGBT-Caucus' California State Senator Just Pull a 'Jussie Smollett?' 12/01/2022 - redstate.com Lawyer fired for expressing support for Dobbs decision during conference call to discuss the Dobbs decision 11/30/2022 - hotair.com Biden Just Sounded As If He Might Not Run In 2024 11/30/2022 - waynedupree.com Epstein estate to pay over $105M in sex-trafficking settlement 11/30/2022 - nypost.com California city will send all adult residents, including non-US citizens, $100 in taxpayer funds to donate... 11/30/2022 - www.theblaze.com EXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration Confirms It Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Sex-Change Operations On Minors | The Daily Caller 11/30/2022 - dailycaller.com CO town looks to defy SCOTUS with new gun regs 11/30/2022 - bearingarms.com Ye, formerly Kanye West, Tells Alex Jones: "Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler!"and "I love Nazis!" During LIVE Interview [VIDEO] 12/01/2022 - 100percentfedup.com NASA Cancels Satellite CO2 Monitoring Project 12/01/2022 - wattsupwiththat.com Filmmaker Dies 'Suddenly in His Sleep' at 45, despite 'Good Health' 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Canada Advances Law to Jail Doctors for 'Misinformation' 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Georgia Judge Throws Book At Man Convicted Of Voter Fraud, Sentences Him To 25 Years In Prison 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter has put an END to its Covid-19 misinformation policy 12/01/2022 - www.rsbnetwork.com Report: Stacey Abrams Lobbying Biden to Be Next FCC Nominee 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Kanye West Praises Hitler on Alex Jones Show: 'We Gotta Stop Dissing the Nazis All the Time' 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Nobody Asked For A J6 Video Game, But Pelosi's Probe Is Making Its Report An 'Interactive Version' Anyway 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com Bulloch County Election Property Unsecured - Sheriff Called To Enforce Law 12/01/2022 - www.georgiarecord.com Author JK Rowling Attacked By Trans Movement Again-This Time for "Misgendering" Alleged Twitter Account of Convicted Child Murderer 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com School Bus Filled With Children Crashed into House in Spring Valley, NY, Serious Injuries 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Americans Are Being Conned - Risk Limiting Election Audits Are Garbage - Used to Confirm Results Not Identify Election Fraud 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Michael Burry, Famous Investor Behind "The Big Short," Warns of "Extended Multiyear Recession" 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com House Democrat Blasts Biden over 'Fancy Dinner' that Includes Maine Lobster 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com BOOM: DeSantis Just Gave Woke Hedgefund Activists At BlackRock The 'Disney' Treatment 12/01/2022 - clashdaily.com Missing woman found dead in trunk of girlfriend's car following crash; girlfriend kills herself after firing at officers 12/01/2022 - www.lawofficer.com Watch: Lawyer pulls gun on unarmed girlfriend, gets smacked with regret thanks to the other dudes saving the day 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com House Jan. 6 Panel Will Release All Evidence, Transcripts: Member 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com GOP Attorneys General Seeking to Prevent Vanguard From Purchasing Utilities Over Climate Agenda 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com Florida Removes $2 Billion from BlackRock In Anti-ESG Divestment 12/01/2022 - welovetrump.com We Have Evidence DOJ is Targeting Conservatives, Says Rep. Jim Jordan 12/01/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com NOT A DRILL! Leftwing public figures are being BANNED 'for no reason' on Twitter (cue tiny violins) 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Adolf the rails: Kanye West offers up effusive praise for Hitler and Nazis and even Alex Jones is cringing 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Jean-Pierre says Biden has been to border 12/01/2022 - www.oann.com Rep. McCarthy demands Jan. 6 cmte preserve all documents 12/01/2022 - www.oann.com Biden Treasury Secretary Blames Americans "Splurging" For Record-High Inflation... 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us Pentagon: China to Quadruple the Number of Nuclear Warheads by 2035 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com Americans Can't Pay Energy Bills - Biden Gives $53M to Restore Ukraine's Energy 12/01/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com LOL! Panicked Adam Schiff Blames "Q-Anon Caucus" For Demanding He's Kicked Off Intelligence Committee He Currently Chairs [VIDEO] 12/01/2022 - 100percentfedup.com WATCH LIVE VIDEO: YE (formerly Kanye West) Is on Alex Jones' InfoWars Show...Wears A Black Mask Over His Face...Laura Loomer Calls Into Show 12/01/2022 - 100percentfedup.com EU Threatens Elon Musk With Possible Twitter Ban Over 'Disinformation' 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com SAVAGE thread OWNS Biden's DOE for virtue signaling while ignoring non-binary official stealing luggage 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Ex-Twitter Executive: Censoring Hunter Biden Story Was Wrong... 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us Russian Popular Support for War in Ukraine Begins to Waver 12/01/2022 - dailysceptic.org Deflation Is Not a Problem: Reversing It Is 12/01/2022 - mises.org How the State Seized Control of Marriage 12/01/2022 - mises.org The US Chip Blockade against China Is Creating Unplanned Consequences 12/01/2022 - mises.org Alyssa Milano Gives up Game, Says Elon Musk Is 'Destroying' Twitter but Admits Nothing's Changed 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Arrested Development: Paper Plays Dumb on Why Schools Call Police on Kids 12/01/2022 - thenewamerican.com Sweden refuses to deport man after two rapes and other sex crimes 12/01/2022 - national-conservative.com In Address With French President Macron, Biden Calls Revolutionary War French General Marquis de Lafayette "Marcus Lafayette" (VIDEO) 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com GREAT NEWS! Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Agrees to Hear Gateway Pundit's Motion for Emergency Relief -- PLEASE HELP US FUND THIS IMPORTANT CASE 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com FAIR? US Women's Soccer Team Receives Over $6 Million Because US Men's Team Advanced At The World Cup 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Warnock Continues to Hold Advantage in Fundraising And Spending 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com Kanye West Set to Appear on Alex Jones Show 12/01/2022 - summit.news Deliberate Dumbing Down 12/01/2022 - summit.news Oaklanders-Including Illegals-to Get $100 Tax $$$ to Send to Politicians - Seriously 12/01/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Sabatini's Anti-RINO Rampage: Kevin McCarthy and His Backers Have Nowhere to Hide 12/01/2022 - nationalfile.com Jack Posobiec Tucks Tail, Runs From Gaetz Challenge Surrounding McCarthy Speaker Race 12/01/2022 - nationalfile.com UK Navy to take drone-teaming operations underwater with new submarine 12/01/2022 - www.c4isrnet.com Joe Biden Roasted For Saying No One Knew What The Supply Chain Was Before Now 11/30/2022 - americanlookout.com Recount Ordered for Rep. Lauren Boebert-Adam Frisch Race 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com SECRET VOTE: House Republicans Vote to Keep 'Taxpayer Cash' For Pet Projects 12/01/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com LIVE SHOW: House GOP Vote in Secret to Keep Slush Fund for Pet Projects 12/01/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com Rob Schneider DROPS Gavin Newsom with video of thugs robbing CA Apple store and it's BRUTALLY perfect 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Mitch McConnell reminds Dems they've selected an 'election denier' to House leadership position 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Rick Wilson's latest grift inspires the Free Beacon to offer the public the opportunity of a lifetime 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com VIDEO: Governor DeSantis Calls on Congress to Consider Antitrust Action Against Apple 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com Ricky Gervais Skewers Apple, Woke Hollywood At Golden Globes... 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us Dept. of Education Investigating Stanford University for Alleged Sex Bias Against Men 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com Oath Keepers Convicted! One Was an Informant, the FBI Did Nothing 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com CRACKDOWN! Florida Sheriff Vows to Put the Fear of God in Unruly Students 12/01/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com Biden: 'Marcus de Lafayette' 12/01/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com Glutton for punishment Stacey Abrams is apparently 'lobbying the White House' for a surprising new gig 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com OOPSIE-LOL! Ilhan Omar sets herself up for HILARIOUS trolling tweeting about 'marriages like mine' 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com DeSantis Rips Apple For Crushing Free Speech In China, US: "Vassal of The CCP".. 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us Report: Stacey Abrams' Group Attempted To Purchase Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate In "Bizarre Deal" 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com The Tories' Wind Power Delusion 12/01/2022 - dailysceptic.org Gov Kristi Noem Bans South Dakota Government Workers from Using CCP-Owned TikTok 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Kevin McCarthy Puts Liz Cheney on Notice, Warns Her to 'Preserve All Records' of Jan 6 Probe 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Fox News Leaves Rivals In Dust, Beats CNN And MSNBC Combined And Had 93 of Top 100 Cable News Show For November 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com CRYPTO CROOK CLAIMS NO FRAUD! 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Buddhist monk attacked, temple robbed in Nashville; police seeking 5 suspects 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Perp gets 1-3 years for killing actress Lisa Banes 12/01/2022 - national-conservative.com NATO running out of weapons? 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news McCarthy indicates Republicans plan to investigate Jan6 panel... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Peter Doocy makes Karine Jean-Pierre do a double-take after asking if the White House will delete their Twitter account... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Check your 401(k)'s fine print! Because now Biden wants to raid YOURS to fund net zero and 'diversity'... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Mandatory recount begins in Boebert reelection... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news British Medical Journal says white supremacy causes doctor burnout... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Inside NYC's insane plan to close down Rikers Island and replace it with 4 tiny jails in residential areas... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter has put an end to its Covid-19 "misinformation" policy... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Thread: Why Neuralink is scary... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Myth-busting Silicon Valley: If America's technology sector had a "founder" it was Uncle Sam... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Big Brother Google Pours Millions Into Global "Fact Check" Fund 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com SHOCK: Transgender Activist Running International Drug Smuggling Operation IN PLAIN SIGHT Targeting Minors 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Trump: This Election Cycle Is Already Like 2016 -- "Fox News And The Wall Street Journal Were Terrible To Me" 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com State of Florida Removes $2 Billion from BlackRock In Anti-ESG Divestment-"Using Our Cash to Fund BlackRock's Social-Engineering Project Isn't Something Florida Ever Signed Up For" 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Gov. Kristi Noem bans TikTok on state devices 12/01/2022 - alphanews.org Denver City Rejects SCOTUS Ruling, Passes Unconstitutional Gun Laws 12/01/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Widow of slain California police sergeant files $25M claim against District Attorney George Gascn 12/01/2022 - www.lawofficer.com Elon Musk & Tim Cook Come Face to Face in Secret Meeting (Show Notes) 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com Watch: LeBron James is big mad reporters haven't asked him about what a racist Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #148 12/01/2022 - americanmind.org Martha MacCallum makes John Kirby squirm over WH approach to Elon Musk's Twitter vs. Tim Cook's Apple 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Janet Yellen adds somebody else to WH list of who's to blame for inflation (Spoiler: It's YOU) 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Dem Congressman-elect/weatherman claims you CAN'T disagree with scientists about science and HOO BOY 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Chairwoman of Warnock's Church Sits on Board of Firm Accused of 'Shamelessly Profiting' Off Low-Income Tenants 12/01/2022 - freebeacon.com Highlights of the News 12/01/2022 - donsurber.blogspot.com CA State Sen. Scott Wiener BUSTED sending himself a threat to blame MAGA (denies it but C'MON lol) 12/01/2022 - twitchy.com Musk Meets With Apple, Averts Ban 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com Report: Iranian Man Killed By Regime Security Forces For Celebrating World Cup Loss To US... 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us U. Cincinnati Young Democratic Socialists Demand School Provide Free Laundry 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com John Fredericks On The Ground, State of Georgia Senate Ballot Race - DNC Gathering Ballots, RNC Wasting Time Losing in Court - The Last Refuge 11/30/2022 - theconservativetreehouse.com GA Lt. Gov. Duncan: I Waited an Hour But Couldn't Vote for Either Walker or Warnock 12/01/2022 - www.breitbart.com Arizona Governor-elect Hobbs ultimatum to county board: Certify her election or face felony rap 11/30/2022 - justthenews.com Kristi Noem Shows Joe Biden How It's Done, Signs Executive Order Banning Chinese Platform TikTok Over National Security Concerns 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Government Labels... 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Our long national Monkeypox nightmare is over... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Prince William and Kate met with boos and chants of 'USA' at Celtics basketball game... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news McCarthy ally "discussing contingency plans with Democrats"... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Biden on 2024: "I don't know about that"... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news NYC Mayor Adams wants to hire high paid "Rat Czar"... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Black felon with 8 prior convictions allegedly stabs man to death while out on bail... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news JK Rowling attacked on Twitter after calling out account of convicted child murderer... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Kristi Noem bans TikTok for North Dakota state agencies... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Police investigating bizarre Idaho murders throw water on "incel" theory... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news South African President Ramaphosa's resignation believed imminent over 'Farmgate' scandal... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Daily Recap 12-1-22: NYT Blames QAnon on Balenciaga Pedophilia, 3rd Big Time Crypto Chief Dead, and the DoD Fails Yet Another Audit 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Louisiana Democrats Sentenced to Prison in Vote Buying Scheme 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com EXCLUSIVE: Democrat "Ballot Gathering" Is Criminal and More Effective than "Ballot Harvesting" 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped 12/01/2022 - summit.news WI Official Fired for Alleged Election Fraud -- 83% Fewer Military Votes 12/01/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Biden's genderfluid 'nuclear nerd' was in St. Paul for conference when he stole luggage 12/01/2022 - www.lawofficer.com Who is 'Cocaine Bear' and why is everyone on the internet including Elon Musk talking about him? 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com Watch Israel test its anti-missile Barak weapon at sea 12/01/2022 - www.c4isrnet.com The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 1, 2022 12/01/2022 - www.uncoverdc.com London: Members of organised criminal gang jailed for more than 14 years for frauds totaling 857,000 12/01/2022 - fcced.com Feds Pay Journalism Group $5M To Create Software To Turn People Into Anti-'Misinformation' Bots | The Daily Wire 12/01/2022 - www.dailywire.com FDA allows animal poop in popcorn, rodent hairs in peanut butter 12/01/2022 - www.dailymail.co.uk Banking on a Shot in the Dark 12/01/2022 - www.thepostemail.com The World as We Know It Ends If It Can't Find Its Bearings 12/01/2022 - wattsupwiththat.com Brittany Aldean Throws Out Balenciaga Bags over Pro-Child Abuse Ad Campaign: 'Trash Day' 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Lindsey Graham Warns Apple Making Big 'Mistake' by Helping Chinese Communist Party 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com US Air Marshals Tell Joe Biden To Pound Sand, Plot 'Mutiny' Over Plan To Send Them To Southern Border: "You're almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of" 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Colbert, Ex-CNN Reporter Claim Free Speech Responsible For Dictators 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com A Buddhist temple in central Thailand has been left without monks after all its holy men failed drug tests and were defrocked. 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Wisconsin Military ballot voting dropped over 80% in 2022 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Ivy League University Offers 'Black Plus Queer in Leather' BDSM Course 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com "I've Had A Bad Month" - Bankman-Fried Claims "Didn't Knowingly Commingle Funds", Blames Girlfriend's Fund & "Accounting Mistakes" 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Biden Administration Put Sam Brinton on Leave over Alleged Stealing of Woman's Luggage 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Report: Cellphone Footage Shows Student Repeatedly Punch Georgia Teacher 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com 'Superbug' linked to 63 deaths in Nevada 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Europe warns Musk he's top of their watch list 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Arizona Town To Pay $8 Million to Widow of Daniel Shaver, Shot While Crawling Unarmed Toward Police 12/01/2022 - michaelsavage.com Investigation Details Several Issues Within Newport Utilities 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Estimates Of Non-NFL Events Such As Concerts At Proposed Tennessee Titan's Stadium Likely Inflated 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Gov. Lee Sets Special Election Date To Replace Deceased District 86 State Representative 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com U.S. House Votes On Bill To Avert Rail Strike 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Farmers Can Expect High Interest Rates And Higher Costs Next Year 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com It's The Country, Stupid! (Op-Ed) 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com "BRAZIL WAS STOLEN": Bolsonaro Supporters Criticize Lack of Transparency in Elections; Armed Forces Were Hindered from Overseeing Electoral Process 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com FBI Tracked 5,723 Trump Supporters by their Phones with Help From Google at Jan. 6 US Capitol Protest - Because That Is the Most Pressing Security Issue in America Today 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS Call for Army to Save Democracy from Corrupt Communist Lula 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com J6 Political Hostage Jon Mellis Speaks Out - Jan 6 Detainees Have Been Sexually Assaulted and 'Ziptied In the Middle Of The Night' - Coming Up on Two Years of Isolation and Abuse - PLEASE GIVE BELOW 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Videos: Climate 'Protesters' Thrown Around Like Rag Dolls By Angry French Motorists 12/01/2022 - summit.news Dem. Intel Chairman: Biden Won't Openly Support Chinese Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Avoid "Western Plot" Charges 12/01/2022 - summit.news Ms. Keller Fired After 'Safe Space' Zoom Call for Her Opinion on Dobbs in a Dobbs Discussion 12/01/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Biden's genderfluid 'nuclear nerd' was in St. Paul for conference when he stole luggage 12/01/2022 - www.lawofficer.com ALL of Biden's Secret Service Vehicles Burst Into Flames After He Departs Nantucket 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com Elon Musk Confirms Twitter 'Interfered In Elections' 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com THE JIG IS UP! The Secret Sauce Behind How They Steal Elections Has FINALLY Been Revealed...It's All HERE! 12/01/2022 - 100percentfedup.com Watch: Sorority reject, born without ladybits, is confused about how tampons work on day 12 of 'being a girl' 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com Watch: Brute chucks left-wing protesters blocking traffic like they're a bunch of useless sacks of soy 12/01/2022 - www.louderwithcrowder.com WH Lies, Claims Biden Has "Been To The Border"... 12/01/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us 'Where's Miguel?': NBC News Reporter Behind Retracted Paul Pelosi Report Remains Off-Air 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com Montana Attorney General Knudsen Challenges Biden's Gun Regulations 12/01/2022 - www.uncoverdc.com Michael Knowles takes on Left's 'science' at packed Franciscan Steubenville event | The College Fix 12/01/2022 - www.thecollegefix.com Puyallup PD: Barber shot to death while giving 8-year-old a haircut 11/30/2022 - www.q13fox.com WATCH: Biden Stares Lifelessly Into The Distance As Jill Tries To Usher Him Off Stage 11/30/2022 - trendingpolitics.com Fox Takes Sledgehammer to Fake News - Defeats CNN, MSNBC Combined and Across the Board 11/30/2022 - www.westernjournal.com Google, iHeartMedia Settle with FTC and 7 States Over Charges of Deceptive Ads 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com Appeals Court Denies Biden's Bid to Revive Student Debt Bailout 12/01/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com Obama-Era DOJ Spokesman Wants Garland To Put Brakes On Durham Report 12/01/2022 - conservativebrief.com TUCKER: Fauci, Dems 'Envious' Of China's Lockdowns And Want 'To See It Happen Here' - Valiant News 11/30/2022 - valiantnews.com Yale Student Newspaper Blames Colorado Gay Nightclub Shooting on Free Speech 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com States Sue Sec. Mayorkas For Refusing to Enforce Immigration Law 12/01/2022 - saraacarter.com Mississippi man accused of biting someone's nose off 12/01/2022 - www.wndu.com Unvaccinated Blood Sees Demand Increase All Around the World - America First Report 12/01/2022 - americafirstreport.com Discrimination and Harassment of Baby in New Zealand Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians' Intent on Death and Destruction 12/01/2022 - expose-news.com Elon Musk Meets Face-to-Face with Apple CEO Tim Cook over Twitter App Ban: Matter Now 'Resolved' 12/01/2022 - slaynews.com Europe Tries Desperately To Rein In Elon Musk Because Free Speech Threatens The Regime's Grip On Groupthink 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com Thank Sam Bankman-Fried For Democrats' 2022Ground Game 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com A GOP With Backbone Would Support Elon Musk, Punish Apple, And Fight For Free Speech On Twitter 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com At The Whimsical Intersection Of Joan Didion And William F. Buckley 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com TN Senators Vote Against Gay Marriage Act in Attempt to Protect Religious Freedoms 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Loudon County School District Sued For Ignoring Reports Of Sexual Harassment At Middle School 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Has Ukraine's Army Been Reduced by Almost 50%? 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com WOW! Brave Flint, MI. Residents Cite Examples of Voter Fraud and Multiple Unbalanced Precincts in Nov. Election... Ask MI Board of Canvassers Why They Would Certify Election When Flint Election Officials Wouldn't? [VIDEO] 12/01/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Walz cabinet member sued after refusing to identify whom he blocked on Twitter 12/01/2022 - alphanews.org Experts: Burnsville district can now conceal students' gender identity from parents 12/01/2022 - alphanews.org Group That Will Provide PA Teachers With 'Antiracism' Training Praises Fugitive Cop Killer 12/01/2022 - nationalfile.com Raytheon wins $1.2 billion surface-to-air missile order for Ukraine 12/01/2022 - www.c4isrnet.com Propagandist for CCP Increases Spending in Time Magazine 12/01/2022 - amgreatness.com White House: Government is 'Paying Attention' to Changes Made to Twitter by Elon Musk 12/01/2022 - amgreatness.com Former Twitter Executive Admits it was Wrong to Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story 12/01/2022 - amgreatness.com Far-Left Radical Hakeem Jeffries Replaces Pelosi as House Leader 12/01/2022 - gellerreport.com Berkeley Law Dean Opposed Dropping LSAT Requirement, Finds Way To Accomplish Same Thing 12/01/2022 - legalinsurrection.com The Incoherence of Spending Billions on Lockdowns to 'Save Lives' While Assisting Many of the Same People to Commit Suicide 12/01/2022 - dailysceptic.org Billions of lives could be in danger due to covid vaccines, Japanese professor says 12/01/2022 - expose-news.com Embracing Womanhood Has Made Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever 12/01/2022 - thefederalist.com TN Republican Representative Seeks To Make It Easier For Employers To Replace Lower-Income Earners With Foreign Labor 12/01/2022 - tennesseeconservativenews.com Docs reveal Senator Sheldon Whitehouse pressed IRS, DOJ to investigate conservatives... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Laura Loomer has a lot to say about Milo... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news SBF tries the 'Simple Jack' defense at NY Times conference... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Daily handgun carriers already doubled in 4 years BEFORE the summer of Floyd... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news "Crypto Bros" Dump G-Wagons and McLarens... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Millennial Problem: What Happens When Couples Have the Exact Same Name... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Eugyppius: The Covidification of Influenza... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news He sounds just like you'd expect... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news "I've Had A Bad Month" - Bankman-Fried Claims "Didn't Knowingly Commingle Funds", Blames Girlfriend's Fund & "Accounting Mistakes" 12/01/2022 - summit.news White House "Isn't Taking a Side" on Cause of Anti-Lockdown Protests in China 12/01/2022 - summit.news News Briefs - 12/01/2022 12/01/2022 - www.anonymousconservative.com The US Now Has Child Slave Labor 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Morning Greatness: Fed. Appeals Court Smacks Down Biden Student Loan Debt Relief 12/01/2022 - amgreatness.com COP27 Greenwishing: Progressive Discontent 12/01/2022 - wattsupwiththat.com Step aside, please... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Could be... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Physicists Create a Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news He's about to get more powerful... 12/01/2022 - www.revolver.news Google sponsors new Global Fact Check Fund... 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Kimberly Dawn Releases New Song for the Holidays, 'Life Changing' 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com HHS Whistleblower: Americans' Tax Dollars Spent on Trafficking Children Into 'Hands of Criminals' 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com Businesses Add Fewest Jobs in Two Years as Manufacturing Craters 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com Jeffrey Epstein Estate to Sell 'Pedophile Island,' Pay $105M 11/30/2022 - lawandcrime.com 34 US Political Prisoners in DC Gulag Demand Transfer to Guantanamo Bay 12/01/2022 - libertyunderfire.org Republican, Independent Voters Are Fleeing to States That Align with Their Beliefs: Poll 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com Kristi Noem Bans TikTok Use on South Dakota State Devices 12/01/2022 - georgiastarnews.com Cha-ching! EPA quietly quadruples regulatory cost of carbon emissions in new war on fossil fuels 11/30/2022 - justthenews.com Wisconsin lawmaker questions why military ballot voting dropped over 80% in 2022 11/30/2022 - justthenews.com Jim Carrey Is Latest Cry Baby That Threatens to Leave Twitter 11/30/2022 - saltmustflow.com SF Police to Arm New Robots with Explosives Instead of Guns 11/30/2022 - tatumreport.com DHS warns of rise in domestic terrorism threats to Jewish, LGBTQ, and migrant communities 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com South Texas Judge Asks Biden to Delay Repeal of Title 42, Invites Him to Visit Border 11/30/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com Former Twitter Safety Director Admits Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Wrong 11/30/2022 - tatumreport.com Watch Biden Get Lost on Stage at Christmas Tree Ceremony 11/30/2022 - www.toddstarnes.com Company That Made Viral 'Let's Go Brandon' Wrapping Paper on Target to Double Last Year's Sales 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com The Healing Benefits of Red Meat - The Burning Platform 11/30/2022 - www.theburningplatform.com Treason on the Docket at U.S. Supreme Court 11/30/2022 - www.thepostemail.com Is this GMA promo for Sam Bankman-Fried interview the start of a 'rehab tour,' or no? 11/30/2022 - twitchy.com 35-Year-Old NHL Defenseman Kris Letang Suffers Stroke, Out Indefinitely 11/30/2022 - welovetrump.com Former Twitter Executive Who Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story Admits Mistake 11/30/2022 - www.theepochtimes.com 'International Fugitive' From MD Sentenced After Four Years On The Lam For Stalking Co-Worker 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Don't Be So Sure That The Climate Extremists Have "Won" 11/30/2022 - wattsupwiththat.com More Lies: Karine Jean-Pierre Says Joe Biden "Has Been to the Border" - Biden Has NEVER Visited the US-Mexico Border (VIDEO) 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com 35-Year-Old Pittsburgh Penguins Defenseman Kris Letang Out Indefinitely After suffering Stroke 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com EXCLUSIVE: 'We Build the Wall' Attorney Was Notified of Corrupt Acts by Juror in Case - Now He's Dead - Today Obama Judge Ignored Motion to Investigate Juror Actions 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Musk Says That Twitter Has 'Interfered in Elections' 11/30/2022 - nationalfile.com Elon Musk Says He & Tim Cook "Resolved the Misunderstanding" 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Emmanuel Macron visits NASA HQ with Kamala Harris 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com Black Community Activists Support Legal Insurrection's Challenge To Providence School's Anti-White Hiring Incentives 11/30/2022 - legalinsurrection.com "Pro-Life Spiderman" Climbs Los Angeles Skyscraper to Save Baby From Abortion - LifeNews.com 11/29/2022 - www.lifenews.com Louisiana Democrats Get Prison Sentences For Orchestrating Vote Buying Scheme | The Daily Caller 11/30/2022 - dailycaller.com HHS Secretary Now Wants You To Be Boosted Every Two Months. Or Something? Because SCIENCE. - Chicks On The Right 11/30/2022 - chicksonright.com News Round-Up 11/30/2022 - dailysceptic.org House Passes Legislation Intended to Halt Potential Railway Strike; Faces Hurdles in the Senate 11/30/2022 - thenewamerican.com Kevin McCarthy Letter to House J6 Committee Demands Staff Preserve Documents, Vows Hearings on Lax Capitol Security 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Dr. Jill Shoots Biden a Look as He Ogles "Beautiful Lady" During Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (VIDEO) 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com FTX's "SBF" Tells All Sorts of Stories About His Actions - Plays The "I Didn't Know" Excuse 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com WEF Chair Klaus Schwab Spotted In Washington DC Hotel 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Half of the Twitter Accounts MTG Wants Reinstated Belong to Foreign Nationals 11/30/2022 - nationalfile.com BREAKING: Clinton Tests Positive! 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com Verdict In On 'That 70's Show' Star's Rape Trial w/ 45 Years In Prison On The Line 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com WOW! Brave Flint, MI. Residents Cite Examples of Voter Fraud and Multiple Unbalanced Precincts in Nov. Election...Ask MI Board of Canvassers Why They Would Certify Election When Flint Election Officials Wouldn't? [VIDEO] 11/30/2022 - 100percentfedup.com ISIS announces a new leader 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com Brazilian soccer legend Pele hospitalized amid cancer fight 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com The Truth May Be in the Bible, but Not So Much in the CIA! 11/30/2022 - www.thepostemail.com 'Apple Is in No Sense American': Tucker Carlson Goes Scorched Earth on Tech Giant for Censorship 11/30/2022 - www.westernjournal.com Democrat-Led House Ways and Means Committee Received Six Years of Trump's Federal Tax Returns 11/30/2022 - welovetrump.com Senator to Apple: Why are you aiding China's crackdown on protesters? 11/30/2022 - www.wnd.com Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. raids home in Compton, seize $4M worth of narcotics 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Woman pleads guilty in death of Colorado teen who overdosed on fentanyl during class 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Catastrophic Jobs Numbers from ADP 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com 'Non-binary' Biden official reportedly used stolen luggage for a month after dumping owner's clothes 11/30/2022 - www.bizpacreview.com Climate Crusader Meghan Markle Spotted Boarding Private Jet Following 'Power of Women' Event in Indianapolis 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com Have You Met the New George Soros? She's American, Prettier, Richer, More Powerful, and Far More Dangerous [VIDEO] 11/30/2022 - thedcpatriot.com Darren Beattie: USA vs China is just battle between two corrupt mafia regimes with entanglements... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Folk music, anyone? 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news 'Apple is shameless in their bullying': Spotify CEO joins Elon Musk in fight against Apple... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Danny Masterson rape witch hunt ends with hung jury... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news House Democrats prepare for unfamiliar territory: new leaders, in a minority... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Big Brother came for J6ers and now they're coming for you... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Time to start eating bugs? 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Here's how much money the Yankees have offered Aaron Judge... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Elon Musk Meets With Apple CEO Tim Cook After Threatening 'War' Over App Store 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Teen Vogue Publishes Article From Doctor Promoting Mutilating Minors in the Name of 'Gender Affirmation' 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Former UCSD professor gave all students As and no homework to 'decolonize' classroom 11/30/2022 - www.thecollegefix.com Elon Musk and Tim Cook Meet at Apple Headquarters -- Reveals Decision on Removing Twitter from App Store 11/30/2022 - beckernews.com CBP setting dreadful suicide record as third agent kills self in past three weeks 11/30/2022 - www.lawofficer.com Why globalists desperately need control of Arizona before they unleash the next staged pandemic - NaturalNews.com 11/29/2022 - www.naturalnews.com Globalist "utopia" is driving mankind to self-extinction, just like what was seen in Calhoun's mouse experiments - NaturalNews.com 11/30/2022 - www.naturalnews.com Oath Keepers Convicted of Trying to Overthrow the US Government Without Weapons 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Ga. Gov. Kemp: FBI investigating school shooting hoaxes 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com Freedom Frightens Tyrants ReeEEeE Stream 11-30-22 11/30/2022 - saltmustflow.com If Beijing Falls 11/30/2022 - americanmind.org Worker Dead After 'Tragic Incident' at FedEx World Hub at Memphis International Airport 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Elon Musk Says Twitter Interfered in the Election 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Project Veritas: To Pay Back Cartels, Trafficked Migrant Teens Forced to Work Using Stolen Social Security Numbers 11/30/2022 - amgreatness.com Republican National Committee Launching Review Board After Disappointing Midterms 11/30/2022 - legalinsurrection.com Google Gives Millions To Boost Leftist Disinformation Peddlers Of Legacy Media 11/30/2022 - thefederalist.com Tech and Ethics 11/30/2022 - thenewamerican.com Jennifer Dorow Announces Supreme Court Candidacy, Saying She Wants a 'Safe, Prosperous State' 11/30/2022 - www.wisconsinrightnow.com South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem BANS TikTok on All State Devices Over Chinese Communist Party Spying Allegations 11/30/2022 - thedcpatriot.com Police Release Video of New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott Murdered During Traffic Stop [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC - UNEDITED VIDEO] 11/30/2022 - thedcpatriot.com The Stupid Party ain't got it... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Mexico eliminated from World Cup on tiebreaker after surreal drama... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Fomer Levi's exec blasts 'gender neutral' clothing trends leading to 'hormones and irreversible surgery'... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Josh Hawley hits the Nina Jankowicz motherlode... DHS docs expose seedy underbelly of Biden's Disinfo Board censorship agenda... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Dwayne Wade: You'll take away my tranny gay son's estrogen hormones over my dead body! 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Here's How They Did It: Real-Time Election Fraud... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Very fine Dem judge here... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Boston Police Find Four Dead Babies in Upscale Neighborhood Condo 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com NEW: Bill Clinton Tests Positive for Covid-19, Says He Is "Grateful to be Vaccinated and Boosted" 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com "I Don't Know About That" - Joe Biden Casts Doubt on 2024 Presidential Bid (VIDEO) 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Netanyahu on Kanye Kerfuffle: "Donald Trump Did Great Things for Israel" 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com FTX Prioritized Anti-Trump Candidates with GOP Donations 11/30/2022 - nationalfile.com After Disney CEO Tries to Blame Florida - Ron DeSantis Turns the Tables on the Mouse House 11/30/2022 - thepatriotjournal.com Place your bets! People are speculating why Klaus Schwab is in Washington, DC 11/30/2022 - twitchy.com Ho-Ho-Ho! Hundreds of Employees At Fake News CNN Get the Axe Only Weeks Before Christmas 11/30/2022 - 100percentfedup.com Biden: 'I hear more about Navajos than about me' from Jill 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com Shocking Local AZ Election Data: GOP Turnout Up, Dems Down, Yet Dems Won - Here Are the Alarming Numbers 11/30/2022 - www.westernjournal.com PayPal Co-Founder David Sacks Tells Tucker Carlson Why Apple Is a Pawn of DC and the CCP 11/30/2022 - noqreport.com "The Chosen: Season 3" Dominates Over Wokeness 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com Apple Squelches Chinese Freedom Protesters, Threatens to Boot Twitter from App Store 11/30/2022 - tatumreport.com Traffickers Exploiting Illegal Child Labor With Social Security Fraud; Underage Migrant: 'I Started Working' To Pay Cartel Debt - CD Media 11/30/2022 - creativedestructionmedia.com Sen. Warren says Elon Musk shouldn't be able to decide who gets to be heard from and who doesn't 11/30/2022 - twitchy.com Apple limits airdrop feature on Chinese iPhone, limiting protester's ability to communicate 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com Who Really Owns Big Digital Tech? 11/30/2022 - mises.org Bans on "Assault" Weapons Do Not Reduce Crime 11/30/2022 - mises.org Academics Slam Claims Biotech Could Solve the Climate Crisis 11/30/2022 - wattsupwiththat.com Kayleigh McEnany Puts Joy Behar On Notice As Fox News' Outnumbered Beats ABC's The View Multiple Times In Month of November 11/30/2022 - slaynews.com Greg Gutfeld Beats Stephen Colbert In Key Dem For First Time And Crushes All Broadcast And Cable Late Night Shows In Viewers In November 11/30/2022 - slaynews.com Hollywood Celebrity Fitness Trainer Eric Fleishman Dies Suddenly at 53 11/30/2022 - slaynews.com Biden Funds Covert Parole Pipeline for Illegals to Reach U.S. Jobs, Housing 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com UC San Diego Prof Says She Gave All Her Students A's to 'Decolonize' Classroom 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com Musk Admits Twitter 'Has Interfered In Elections' 11/30/2022 - thefederalist.com STRANGE: Biden's Secret Service Rental Vehicles Burst Into Flames After He Leaves Nantucket Vacation Home 11/30/2022 - thedcpatriot.com ?Apple Helped Chinese Communist Government to Suppress Communication of Those Protesting 11/30/2022 - thedcpatriot.com The Stupid Party: GOP takes aim at entitlements yet again... this time John Thune... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Heh... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Oopsies! Twitter's gay ex-safety chief Yoel Roth admits it was 'mistake' to censor Hunter's laptop... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Breaking: Tim Cook takes Elon Musk around "Apple's beautiful HQ"... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Here's how communism mobilizes the "work shy"... lazy criminal losers who hate working... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Commie Lula transition team proposes making criticism of vaccines a "crime against public health" punishable by one year in prison... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Senior officers of the Brazilian Army just released a letter... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Loser... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Mark Your Calendars: Trial of US Green Beret Who Refused to be FBI Informant on Jan. 6 to Begin on Dec. 5th in Tampa - PATRIOTS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com DEVELOPING: Democrat-Led House Committee Now Has 6 Years of Trump's Tax Returns After Long Legal Battle 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com BIDEN ECONOMY: ADP Jobs Numbers Released and They're Horrible - 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Gone 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com The Queen's One Word Response To Prince Andrew's Epstein Scandal Uncovered 11/30/2022 - www.thegatewaypundit.com Texas officer working extra shift at hospital fatally shoots suspect during struggle over weapon 11/30/2022 - www.lawofficer.com VIDEO: Mob of Mostly Women Attack Buddhist Monk at Nashville Temple 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Woman Screams From Inside Sinking Car 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Breaking News: DJT Dined With Unacceptable People 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com The US Is In Business with Cartels Exploiting Children 11/30/2022 - www.independentsentinel.com BREAKING: Country Music Star Found Dead 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com Colo. gov. pushes gun control during trip to Club Q shooting memorial 11/30/2022 - www.oann.com California Is Officially The PEDO State 11/30/2022 - saltmustflow.com WH Won't Say If Biden Admin Will Try To Shut Twitter Down For Posts It Doesn't Like... 11/30/2022 - www.weaselzippers.us Another Crypto Millionaire Dies Suddenly in Eerie Helicopter Crash - Guess What Happened Right Before It? 11/29/2022 - www.westernjournal.com REPORT: Top Republican Sounds the Alarm, Says Nancy Pelosi Could Soon Become Speaker Again 11/30/2022 - trendingpolitics.com While No One Was Looking, FCC Quietly Gave Soros-Linked Group Major Win Over Conservatives 11/29/2022 - www.westernjournal.com Board of Canvassers Member Blows the Whistle on 'Systemic' Electronic Poll Book Errors in Detroit on Election Day - Big League Politics 11/30/2022 - bigleaguepolitics.com Upstate NY school bus aide, 25, showed child nude photos of herself on bus, troopers say 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Atlanta Sex Trafficker Gets 25 Years For Offenses During Super Bowl LIV in Miami 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com BRAZEN ATTACK: Philadelphia parking officer shot at point-blank range from behind in broad daylight, police seek suspect 11/30/2022 - breaking911.com Karine Jean-Pierre tells Peter Doocy that Biden 'has been to the border' (then it gets awkward) 11/30/2022 - twitchy.com EU Threatens Musk With Twitter Ban 11/30/2022 - gellerreport.com ALERT: Think Twice Before Flying Jet Blue ... Here's Why 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com BREAKING: Project Veritas Busts Child Trafficking Ring [Video] 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com BREAKING: Real-Time Democrat Election Fraud Caught RED HANDED! 11/30/2022 - illicitinfo.com Get Stocking Stuffers And Cozy Bedding From MyPillow With An AMAZING Sale--Up to 65% OFF! 11/30/2022 - 100percentfedup.com House Republicans Target Pentagon Funding Over Its 'Woke' Policies, Political Priorities 11/30/2022 - legalinsurrection.com Mike Pence Sets Karine Jean-Pierre Straight: "The foundation of America is freedom, the suggestion that the president of the United States is keeping a close eye on any element of the media is deeply offensive to me" 11/30/2022 - slaynews.com Elon Musk: Twitter Has 'Interfered in Elections' 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com Video: CCP Thugs Break Into Man's Home, Torture Him in Front of Children 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com Shock Video: Thug Shoots Philadelphia City Worker in Head at Point Blank Range 11/30/2022 - michaelsavage.com Girl Goes to College Normal -- Then Had to be "Deprogrammed" 11/30/2022 - thenewamerican.com Musk says Twitter has interfered in past elections 11/30/2022 - national-conservative.com Watch: Ed Snowden shares 1980s video of CIA agent admitting to using US media to control Americans... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Nice job, kid... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Thread of crypto billionaires dying... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news How losers like George Monbiot wrecked Britain... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news EU chief says over 100,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in war... EU cuts statement from her speech... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news RIP: Fleetwood Mac singer dead at age 79... 11/30/2022 - www.revolver.news Huh? 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