National Security Alarm Bells Sound as Chinese Company Purchases Large Chunk of US Farmland Near Air Force Base 07/02/2022 - Farmers Uprising in The Netherlands? Massive Protests Against Government's Climate Agenda (WATCH) 07/02/2022 - Biden & Buttigieg to Spend $1 Billion to Tear Down Raaaacist Roads 07/02/2022 - Abortion, guns, religion: AP reports that the Supreme Court has signaled no plans to slow down 07/02/2022 - Israel:Netanyahu Kicks Off Election Campaign; Trump Considers Endorsement 07/02/2022 - New York Law Now Requires Social Media Background Check for Handgun Permits 07/02/2022 - Biden: 'I Don't Count Drunk Driving as a Felony' for Illegal Immigrants 07/02/2022 - 'There Is No Act Too Small': Alexandria Occasional-Cortex Does Her Nails As Act Of 'Resistance' 07/02/2022 - Biden's Supply Chain Failures Are Impacting America's Pets 07/02/2022 - Hunter Biden's laptop contained contacts of Google officials, US officials for China policy 07/02/2022 - Op-Ed: If This Nation Is Going to Thrive, We Need to Restore Its Foundation 07/02/2022 - Pima County Democratic Party Tweeted 'F The Fourth' And Then Pretended They Didn't 07/02/2022 - "We Were Very Happy with the US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion" - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Sits for Interview with Tucker Carlson -- A Brazilian Perspective 07/02/2022 - Antifa Terrorist Who was Carrying Loaded Gun at Violent Protest Has Charges Dropped on Day of Sentencing -- While Jan. 6 Protesters Rot in Prison for Standing Outside US Capitol 07/02/2022 - BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court Delivers Crushing Blow to Challengers of Strict Abortion Law 07/02/2022 - "There Is Something Wrong With the J6 Committee" 07/02/2022 - Employment tribunal issues garbled discrimination case rule 07/02/2022 - Uvalde schools police chief Pete Arredondo resigns from city council 07/02/2022 - Health officials delay meeting because 'urgency is a white supremacy value' 07/02/2022 - Trump Considering Early 2024 Announcement Amid Opposition From Other Republicans: Reports 07/02/2022 - Trump's Social Media Company Subpoenaed by Federal Grand Jury 07/02/2022 - 'Patriot Front: The Musical' Comes to Boston 07/02/2022 - Salon has 'a great article' on toxic fandoms injecting 'right-wing thinking' into Marvel and 'Star Wars' 07/02/2022 - Sources: Trump Poised for BIG Announcement 07/02/2022 - NYs Unelected Governor Says NY Is One Of America's Most Enlightened States... 07/02/2022 - James Webb Space Telescope Has Started Collecting its 'First Science Data' [Details Inside] 07/02/2022 - ARIZONA PASSES NATIONS LARGEST VOUCHER PROGRAM MOVING TOWARDS ALLOWING SCHOOL CHOICEFOR ALL STUDENTS K-12 07/02/2022 - It's All Going Woke As The National Archives Says The U.S. Constitution Has 'Harmful Language' 07/02/2022 - Uvalde Police Chief Pete Arredondo Resigns From Uvalde City Council After Botched Response to Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary School 07/02/2022 - The Feds in Khaki Pants Group Also Called the Patriot Front Are Marching in Boston Today 07/02/2022 - 'Patriot Front: The Musical' Comes to Boston 07/02/2022 - Green agenda agitators prove hypocritical by leaving part of planet trashed 07/02/2022 - Officers leaving NYPD is like a 'stampede,' PBA president says 07/02/2022 - Connecticut Democrats claim Gov. Ron DeSantis has made it a crime to mention one in 14 Americans 07/02/2022 - Watch: Florida Judge Faces Suspension Without Pay After Snapping at Defendant: 'I Asked You a F***ing Question A**hole' 07/02/2022 - Here Are The Five Republicans Who Could Challenge Trump in 2024 07/02/2022 - China Slams U.S. Supreme Court's EPA Ruling, Tells Biden Admin to Stick to 'Climate' Obligations 07/02/2022 - Government Bonds On Course For Worst Performance Since 1865 07/02/2022 - The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should Be Speaker of the House 07/02/2022 - 'Our Country's Gone To Hell': 100-Year Old WWII Veteran Breaks Down in Tears in Heartbreaking Interview 07/02/2022 - Leftist Men Sterilizing Themselves? Vasectomies Reportedly Skyrocket After Roe v. Wade Overturned 07/02/2022 - Christina Pushaw & Mollie Hemingway shred 'disgusting and evil propaganda' from WaPo editorial board 07/02/2022 - Alec Baldwin threatens to find Twitter rando who thinks he did worse than choke a Secret Service agent 07/02/2022 - Climate activist tells MSNBC Supreme Court's EPA ruling is 'a judicial coup' and 'a clear descent into fascism' 07/02/2022 - Democrats, defying the Supreme Court for 190 years 07/02/2022 - Abortionists target Christianity 07/02/2022 - Report: Donald Trump Eying Early 2024 Announcement 07/02/2022 - Bank of America Issues Chilling Forecast: No GDP Growth 07/02/2022 - White Failed CNN Host Says Clarence Thomas Isn't Truly Black Because He Doesn't Go to NBA Games 07/02/2022 - PATHETIC: Watch AOC Justify Her New Manicure As An Act Of "Resistance" (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - Cowardly Georgia Appeals Court Throws Out VoterGA Case on July 4th Weekend 07/02/2022 - Justice Sotomayor Was Asked for Her Views on the REAL Clarence Thomas -- Her Response Put the Audience in Awe 07/02/2022 - Biden Buys Excessive Amount of Pfizer Vaccines at a 56% Price Hike 07/02/2022 - US Army Refuses To Train Or Pay Unvaccinated National Guard And Reserve Members 07/02/2022 - 'This Isn't What We Fought For': 100-Year-Old WW2 Veteran Breaks Down Describing Modern America 07/02/2022 - Don't tell AOC that people in the 1800s knew what an ectopic pregnancy was 07/02/2022 - Arizona Democrats Promote "F**k The Fourth" Protest... 07/02/2022 - New Orleans on track to become 'murder capital' of US under Dem leadership 07/02/2022 - Texas Woman Arrested for Human Smuggling Hundreds of Miles from Border 07/02/2022 - Jury rules city is liable for damages by SWAT team 07/02/2022 - Report: Donald Trump Eying Early 2024 Announcement 07/02/2022 - Biden tells gas station owners to lower gas prices and 'do it now' because it's 'time of war and global peril' 07/02/2022 - Bed, Bath & Beyond Fires CEO, Reportedly Cuts AC In Stores After Canceling MyPillow 07/02/2022 - Republican lead on Congressional ballot slips 3 points in a week 07/02/2022 - Supreme Court to Take Up North Carolina Case That Could Have Major Impact on Federal Elections 07/02/2022 - 9 felonies for exposing Planned Parenthood 07/02/2022 - Dirtbag Joe Biden Lashes Out at Gas Stations AGAIN as Americans Face Historic Spike in Gas Prices This Year Thanks to Joe Biden 07/02/2022 - Revolution In The Netherlands? Farmers Plan July 4th Protests, Supported By Huge Crowds (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - President Biden Threatens 'Extremist' Supreme Court & Red States That Change State Abortion Laws 07/02/2022 - Joe Biden, The Good Catholic: Funding Atheism Worldwide 07/02/2022 - Video: Stew Peters Takes Dr. Ben Carson to Task on White Replacement Theory, Anti-White Racism 07/02/2022 - Arizona Democrats Slammed For Promoting Vulgar, Anti-American 'F**k The Fourth' Event 07/02/2022 - Government Bonds On Course For Worst Performance Since 1865 07/02/2022 - 93-year-old man uses shotgun to defend home against intruders 07/02/2022 - Disney Replaced Tim Allen in 'Lightyear' For Political Views, Fox News Host, Husband Say 07/02/2022 - July 2, 1776: Continental Congress Votes in Favor of Independence 07/02/2022 - Headwinds Hit US Manufacturing as Demand Cools, While New Orders and Employment Drop 07/02/2022 - Former Obama Adviser On Biden: 'There Is This Sense That Things Are Kind Of Out Of Control' (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - TX Dem Sheriff: Law Enforcement Leaders See 'Complete Absence from Washington' on Border 07/02/2022 - Biden Manages to Anger Both Oil Advocates and Environmentalists With New Drilling Plan 07/02/2022 - The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should Be Speaker of the House - Freedom First Network 07/02/2022 - Vaccine in Children Only 48 Percent Effective Weeks After Second Dose 07/02/2022 - ESG: How Corporations Are Using Environment Concerns to Scam You - America First Report 07/02/2022 - Fake Meat Grown in Labs Might Make Investors Rich, but It's a Nightmare for Human Health 07/02/2022 - Why Did North Dakota Allow a Chinese Firm to Purchase Farmland Near a US Air Force Drone Base? 07/02/2022 - QAnon and Dogshit Polling. 07/02/2022 - Liberals Mad At DeSantis Again: This Time For Making Sure Florida Teaches Real American History 07/02/2022 - No Federal Training for 40,000 Unvaccinated Members of the Army National Guard After Deadline - May Face Possible Expulsion 07/02/2022 - Weak Kevin McCarthy Promises to "Investigate" Joe Biden's Shady Business Dealings on Facts We Already Know About and Reported On 07/02/2022 - Good Morning America Forced To Issue Correction After Calling Ketanji Brown Jackson First Black Supreme Court Justice 07/02/2022 - U. Cincinnati removes all references to school founder -- because he owned slaves 07/02/2022 - Poll Reveals 25% of Americans Ready to Take Up Arms Against Government 07/02/2022 - School district hit with warning about 'false' claims against mother 07/02/2022 - UFC Champion Questions Why Epstein and Maxwell's 'Pedophile' Associates Haven't Been Revealed 07/02/2022 - MSNBC's Ali Velshi notes authoritarian countries with horrible women's rights records have better abortion laws than the US 07/02/2022 - Assange lodges UK appeal against US extradition - Insider Paper 07/01/2022 - Watch: Biden Adviser Slips Up, Reveals True Agenda on Live TV for Millions to View 07/02/2022 - The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should Be Speaker of the House - America First Report 07/02/2022 - Parents of Georgia girl killed in residential fire arrested after three months on the run 07/02/2022 - Loudoun County Superintendent Accidentally Says the Quiet Part About "Indoctrination" Aloud 07/02/2022 - Biden Advisor: Americans Just Need To Be "Reminded" Of "Progress" As 85% Say Country On Wrong Track.. 07/02/2022 - Biden Administration Has America's Most Productive Oil Field in Its Crosshairs 07/02/2022 - Sen. Blackburn Takes Action To Back Unvaccinated Soldiers With New Bill 07/02/2022 - More Companies Join the 'Great Migration' to Red States 07/02/2022 - Finance ministers of Scotland and Wales say no more money for weapons in Ukraine 07/02/2022 - 100 Year-Old Decorated Veteran Breaks Down Crying: "This Is Not The Country We Fought For" (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - Health Officials Take Action as Syphilis Cases in Missouri Reach Record Highs 07/02/2022 - It's Official: Gender Fluid Drag Queen Into Kinks Related to Animal Role-Playing Now Serves in Biden's Energy Department's Office of Nuclear Energy 07/02/2022 - Presbyterian branch says it follows the Bible, whether it is 'respected or reviled' 07/02/2022 - This Democrat's Car Keeps Getting Attacked 07/02/2022 - Perfection: Ex Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz helped promote now deleted misinformation about Clarence Thomas 07/02/2022 - Some Students Reportedly 'Scared' to Attend College in Red States After Roe Decision 07/02/2022 - 'They Encountered Pure Hell': Sheriff Describes Shootout that Cost the Lives of 3 Cops and K-9 07/02/2022 - "I'll Find You," Did Alec Baldwin Just Threaten a Twitter User Criticizing Him? 07/02/2022 - Biden Looks to Block or Limit New Offshore Drilling, Scaling Back Trump-Era Plan to Pump More Oil 07/02/2022 - While Big Corporations Promise To Pay For Employee Abortions, A Texas-Based Insurance Company Is Doing The Exact Opposite 07/01/2022 - FBI, DOJ, CISA, EAC Collude with Leftist Activists & Election Officials 07/02/2022 - 'They Encountered Pure Hell': Sheriff Describes Shootout that Cost the Lives of 3 Cops and K-9 07/02/2022 - The Democrat Party and Mainstream Media's Treatment of Black, Conservative Female Kristina Karamo Running for Sec. of State in MI, Reminds Us That Racism Is Still Very Much Alive In America 07/02/2022 - Kentucky police shooting: 3 officers, police K9 dead following shootout at suspect's home 07/02/2022 - Scottish Govt Workers Told Biological Sex Is 'Falsehood' Invented to 'Reinforce White Supremacy' 07/02/2022 - Elon Musk meets the Pope: A week after his son Xavier legally changed gender from male to female and lost last name to distance herself from father 07/02/2022 - Fireworks Shows Cancelled or Rescheduled Across Country - Biden Cancels Mount Rushmore Fireworks Again 07/02/2022 - Biden's Supply Chain Failures Are Impacting America's Pets 07/02/2022 - Texas Supreme Court Blocks Lower Court Ruling That Allowed Abortions To Continue 07/02/2022 - Letter from a Reader on the Democrats Plans to Steal the 2022 Election 07/02/2022 - Ex-boyfriend of NYC woman murdered while pushing baby in stroller arrested 07/02/2022 - Jordan Peterson Rips Woke Censors Over at Twitter in New Video: 'I Would Rather Die' 07/02/2022 - West Hollywood Democrats Defund Police, Hire Unarmed Security Guards Instead... 07/02/2022 - Supreme Courts in Texas, Ohio Block Efforts to Reinstate Access to Abortions 07/02/2022 - Washington state governor makes COVID vaccines a permanent requirement for many state employees 07/02/2022 - VFW Post Hit By Vandals, American Flag Desecrated 07/02/2022 - Conspiracy theorist fears SCOTUS will overturn the 2024 election in a bizarre plot to TAKE OVER everything 07/02/2022 - Fla. reporter's response after getting called out over 'Don't Say Gay' belongs in the Louvre 07/02/2022 - Vladimir Putin: World Economic Forum Puppet or Exploiter (Video) - RAIR 07/02/2022 - Elizabeth Warren: Will Eliminate Filibuster And Codify Roe If We "Pick Up 2 Dem Senators"... 07/02/2022 - Pete Buttigieg Launching Billion Dollar Program to Build Racial Equity in Roads 07/02/2022 - Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional 07/02/2022 - SCOTUS Confirms the 2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed 07/02/2022 - 'Abort a CHILD' - Biden Says Quiet Part Out Loud 07/02/2022 - WHO issues fresh warning over monkeypox 07/02/2022 - Mother Found Guilty of Murder After Toddler Starved on Raw Vegan Diet 07/02/2022 - Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen trainwreck livestream shows we've moved past them 07/02/2022 -
France: Elderly Man Returns From Holiday to Find African Men Squatting His Home 07/02/2022 - Selective Enforcement Of Vaccine Requirement At Children's Health Care Of Atlanta Hurting Nursing Students 07/02/2022 - Biden Gives Away More Of Your Money To The Proxy War In Ukraine, Nearly $63 Billion Now 07/02/2022 - Vasectomies Reportedly Soar After Roe Overturned As Far-Left Seeks Male Sterilization In Fight For Women's Rights 07/02/2022 - Historian and Author Douglas MacKinnon: Tyranny in America Worse Today than in 1776 (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - Biden Blocks Offshore Drilling, Limiting Oil Production After Begging Oil Companies To Produce More and Attacking Gas Stations 07/02/2022 - 3 Kentucky LEOs and K9 killed, 4 more wounded, 1 emergency management director injured during barricade situation 07/01/2022 - Ex-boyfriend of NYC woman murdered while pushing baby in stroller arrested 07/02/2022 - Journey With Rep. AOC as She Gets Her Nails Did, Claiming It's an Act of 'Resistance' Against Roe v. Wade 07/02/2022 - Gina Carano Finds New Way to Trigger Liberals, Credits 'Fat Shaming' for Her MMA Career 07/02/2022 - Prof: Administrators Brought Down the Conservative 'Liberty Institute' at UT-Austin 07/02/2022 - Highlights of the News 07/02/2022 - Democrats Spark Outrage on Social Media With Explicit Tweet About 'Mourning' on America's Birthday 07/02/2022 - Former Obama Official Pleads Guilty to Charges He Illegally Tried to Influence Trump Administration 07/02/2022 - Elon Musk Breaks Twitter Silence With Photo of The Pope, Ex-Wife in Italy 07/02/2022 - Trooper Rescues 13-Year-Old Dog Stuck in Culvert Pipe: 'Good Citizen!' 07/02/2022 - Women's March Independence Day message is another one that belongs in an ad (for the GOP) 07/02/2022 - Michigan's Corrupt Attorney General Dana Nessel- Drunk on Power Threatens to Indict GOP Opponent Matt Deperno 07/02/2022 - The Sovietization of America-An American Gulag 07/02/2022 - From His Prison Cell... Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Responds to Arrest of Operations Leader Michael Greene on Junk Conspiracy Charges (AUDIO) 07/02/2022 - Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar Says Minneapolis MORE Violent than Somali Refugee Camp She Fled to as a Child - Omits Her Family's Connections to Brutal Somali Regime 07/02/2022 - WRONG: Good Morning America Calls Ketanji Brown Jackson The 'First' Black Supreme Court Justice 07/02/2022 - Biden Admin to Give $820 Million More in Military Aid to Ukraine 07/02/2022 - Video: Democrat Rep. Spanberger Rejects Biden Campaign Help, Won't Say if She Will Back Him in 2024 07/02/2022 - 3 Kentucky deputies and K9 killed, 4 LEOs wounded, 1 emergency management director injured during barricade situation 07/01/2022 - NY Governor Says She Doesn't Need Facts To Strip Away Gun Rights, Demands to See Your Social Media History 07/02/2022 - Cameras Catch Telling Moment Between Liz Cheney and Cassidy Hutchinson Right After Hearing 07/02/2022 - Watch: Gavin Newsom Explains How Dangerous AR-15s Are, Right Before He Points One at His Cameraman 07/02/2022 - Trump's Social Media Company Subpoenaed by Federal Grand Jury 07/02/2022 - Dear Mr. Trump 07/02/2022 - If We Must Have "Patriotic Polygamy," Let it Be with the Free World's Greatest Protector: America 07/02/2022 - Justice Clarence Thomas vs. the Student Mob Week in Education 07/02/2022 - Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano: The Planned and Managed Coup 07/02/2022 - Ob-Gyn: No, The Dobbs Decision Does Not Put Women's Lives In Danger 07/02/2022 - 3 New Movies For Weekend Streaming: 'Terror On the Prairie,' 'Rise,' And 'Operation Mincemeat' 07/02/2022 - News Briefs - 07/02/2022 07/02/2022 - What Do We Learn When We Compare The Ideals Of July 4th, 1776 To Today's Democrats? Wow! 07/02/2022 - Once We Understand Reactions To Roe V Wade Decision, We Realize The Left Doesn't Understand Anything 07/02/2022 - On This 4th Of July, Are Americans Finally Recognizing Reality? We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident 07/02/2022 - Knucklehead Of The Week: Californians Are Fleeing In Record Numbers, But Gavin Newsom Has This Solution 07/02/2022 - Russian Trial Of America-Hating Brittney Griner Begins... And Her Prospects Look Increasingly Bleak 07/02/2022 - Supreme Court Poised To End Leftwing Election Shenanigans 07/02/2022 - Why Student Loan Relief Fixes Nothing--and Could Make Everything Worse 07/02/2022 - Why America First Loves Israel 07/02/2022 - Former Pfizer Exec: Leaky "Vaccine" Was Intentional 07/02/2022 - Bill Maher rants at Trump, 'I'm not f***ing booked on Fox News' -- gets immediately booked on Fox News 07/01/2022 - GOP accuses Google of blocking its fundraising emails 07/01/2022 - 28% of Population Says 'Taking Up Arms' Against Gov't May Be Necessary - Headline USA 07/02/2022 - Judge to Decide Whether to Try Claire Miller in Adult Court 07/01/2022 - CNN Host Goes on Racist Tweet-Storm Against Clarence Thomas 07/01/2022 - Crashing: Atlanta Fed GDP Tracker Plunges to -2.1% 07/01/2022 - Bank of America Slashes GDP Forecast to Zero 07/01/2022 - Ariz. candidate Gary Snyder releases unseen footage of alleged ballot harvesting in 2020 elections | One America News Network 07/01/2022 - Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional 07/01/2022 - Bad News for Fast Eaters 07/01/2022 - How to Turn Challenge Into Opportunity 07/01/2022 - Former Obama Adviser On Biden: 'There Is This Sense That Things Are Kind Of Out Of Control' (VIDEO) 07/02/2022 - Governor Brian Kemp Extends Gas Tax Suspension as Costs Remain High 07/02/2022 - Commentary: A Win over Green Tyranny 07/02/2022 - Manchin, Sinema Defy Biden on Removing Filibuster for Abortion Law as Republicans Rally Opposition 07/02/2022 - Poll: 83 Percent of Americans Cutting Back on Personal Spending Due to Inflation 07/02/2022 - Supreme Court Delivers Massive Blow to Biden's Climate Agenda 07/02/2022 - How Different States Are Handling Their Unvaxxed National Guardsmen 07/02/2022 - WarRoom: Neil W. McCabe Updates Steve Bannon on Tennesssee Governor Bill Lee's Lock Step with Big Army Vaccine Mandate for National Guardsmen 07/02/2022 - Commentary: Attacks on Pregnancy Centers Are More than Mere Protests 07/02/2022 - Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Asks State Court of Appeals to Reinstate Pro-Life Laws 07/02/2022 - Poll Says Georgia Gubernatorial Race Is Too Close to Call 07/02/2022 - Biden Predicts States Will Try to Arrest Women Who Travel for Abortions | 07/01/2022 - Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive > American Greatness 07/02/2022 - Hungarian MP Links Drastic Fall in Birth Rates to Mass 'Vaccinations' Against Covid (Video) - RAIR 06/30/2022 - [Warning: Graphic Video] Republican Congressional Campaign Volunteer in Florida Assaulted 07/01/2022 - Actor Who Tested Positive with Monkeypox Blasts US CDC for Slow Response 07/01/2022 - Politico Issues Correction After Falsely Claiming Clarence Thomas Promoted COVID Vaccine-Aborted Fetus Theory 07/01/2022 - Dumb Eco Terrorists Are Going To Get Themselves Killed Messing With Tires 07/01/2022 - Evil Within 07/01/2022 - Abortion rights protestors target Justice Amy Coney Barrett's House 07/01/2022 - New York Governor Hochul Signs Law Limiting Concealed Carry of Firearms in "Sensitive" Locations Despite Supreme Court Ruling 07/01/2022 - US FED is Quietly Handing Out $250 Million in Interest Payments PER DAY to Small Group of Nameless Beneficiaries 07/01/2022 - Another Raffensperger Special! -- Emerald Robinson on Mark Zuckerberg's Political Operative's Unbelievable Victory in the Colorado GOP Secretary of State Primary 07/01/2022 - Dig It! with Special Guest Catherine Austin Fitts 07/01/2022 - Drag Artist Makes Stunning Announcement About Transgender Agenda, Liberals Will Flip Their Lids 07/01/2022 - Former Top Obama Advisor David Axelrod Shreds Biden, Says He's 'Not in Command' 07/01/2022 - Dad "It's Not Ok" Daughter Competing Against Biological Men [VIDEO] 07/01/2022 - Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces Bill to Ban IRS From Buying Ammunition 07/01/2022 - Legal Experts Say Democrat Panic Over Supreme Court and Climate Change is Hot Air 07/01/2022 - Army Announces Unvaccinated National Guard and Reserve Soldiers Won't Drill or Be Paid 07/01/2022 - Obama-Era Economic Director Reveals What Will Bring Down Inflation 07/01/2022 - Cheney's Star Witness Caught in Another False Statement 07/01/2022 - Massive Numbers of Fighting Age Men March to US Border 07/01/2022 - Speculation Disney Tossed Tim Allen Due to Conservative Political Leanings 07/01/2022 - Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Extends Gas Tax Holiday Through Mid-August 07/01/2022 - President Trump Endorses State Senator David Farnsworth Against RINO Hack Rusty Bowers - "David Farnsworth Will Get Rid Of The Stench Of Rusty Bowers And His Crew Of RINOs" 07/01/2022 - Biden's Team Announces Support Of "Liberal World Order" Amid High Gas Prices, GOP Hits Back Hard 07/01/2022 - Arizona Democrats Plan 'F-k the 4th' Event to 'Mourn' Supreme Court Abortion Decision 07/01/2022 - Former Obama Advisor David Axelrod Sees Bad News for Biden: Things Look 'Out of Control and He's Not in Command' 07/01/2022 - Disney Creeps on Children with Crazed Gender Ideology 07/01/2022 - Jill Biden & Sesame Street "Unsettling" Vaccine Coercion For 5yr Olds [VIDEO] 07/01/2022 - Chick-fil-A is America's favorite restaurant for 8th year in a row 07/01/2022 - PURE EVIL: Twitter Suspends Account of Dr. Zelenko's Charitable Foundation the Day He Died 07/01/2022 - 'Just Stop Oil' Activists Protest, Glue Themselves to Van Gogh Painting - Ted Cruz Exposes Baffling Detail 07/01/2022 - Chinese Posed as Texans Online to Damage Rare Earth Mining Firm 07/01/2022 - Florida Shark Attack - 17yr Old Girl Rescued [VIDEO] 07/01/2022 - Breaking: Langlade County Wisconsin Joins Texas and Maricopa County Arizona to Unanimously Reject the Results of 2020 Election 07/01/2022 - Massive Migrant Caravan of Thousands of Military-Aged Males March to US Border After Supreme Court Overturns Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy (VIDEO) 07/01/2022 - Pro-Abortion Injunctions Attempt to Delay Abortion Bans 07/01/2022 - Clown World: Have You Seen This Woman? 07/01/2022 - AOC shares her 'personal act of reclamation' in response to SCOTUS overturning Roe 07/01/2022 - US unveils $820 million military package to Ukraine, with air defense systems | Washington Examiner 07/01/2022 - Supreme Court reopens gun cases on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines 07/01/2022 - Elderly Couple Bound with Belts, Violently Assaulted by Suspects Linked to String of NorCal Burglaries 07/01/2022 - The greatest threat to "democracy" is from our elected representatives. 07/01/2022 - Biden Takes Over Permian Basin in TX and NM to Force Less Drilling 07/01/2022 - Why is DHS warning us about public gatherings? 07/01/2022 - The Lord's providence at the Supreme Court 07/01/2022 - Nancy Pelosi's Vatican 'Communion stunt' 07/01/2022 - Roe v. Wade was legal crapola from the get-go 07/01/2022 - Remember when Obama said Trump was 'unfit to serve'? 07/01/2022 - Audience banned from Liz Cheney debate 'because she is so hated by her voters' 07/01/2022 - How to put zip into your July 4 barbecue 07/01/2022 - 'Friends' Show Co-Creator Apologizes for All-White Cast, Offers Reparations 07/01/2022 - Chicago officer ambushed while responding to domestic violence situation 07/01/2022 - Video: Father accused of swinging excavator at troopers as they arrested his son 07/01/2022 - Pima County Dems explains why it shared the 'F*** the 4th' flyer 07/01/2022 - Baltimore Ravens' LB Jaylon Ferguson's Cause Of Death Revealed 07/01/2022 - Arizona Democrats Plan 'F-k the 4th' Event to 'Mourn' Supreme Court Abortion Decision 07/01/2022 - Watch: Skateboarder Speaks Out After Transgender Female Skateboarder Wins Female Event, Bests Girls 07/01/2022 - Happy MAGA Month ReeEEeE Stream 7-01-22 07/01/2022 - Minnesota Eligibility Case Dismissed 07/01/2022 - This Is What Biden Thinks Worthy of the Presidential Medal of Honor 07/01/2022 - The day the Lord guffawed with abandon 07/01/2022 - Matt Gaetz fact-checks AZ Dem Ruben Gallego on the GOP and Ukraine 07/01/2022 - Guilty! Vegan Mom Starved 18 mos Old Son - Faces Life In prison [VIDEO] 07/01/2022 - July 1, 1776: Caesar Rodney's Midnight Ride to Vote for Independence 07/01/2022 - Nolte: CNN Lays Groundwork to Dismiss Announcement of Biden Recession as Racist 07/01/2022 - North Dakota Attorney General Approves Massive 2,100 Acre Farmland Purchase by Bill Gates 07/01/2022 - Pat Cipollone Was Not at the White House on Morning of January 6 as Cassidy Hutchinson Testified: Report 07/01/2022 - "One of Worst Downturns in Recent History" - Zuckerberg Tells Employees He's "Turning Up the Heat" as Facebook Braces For Massive Layoffs Amid "One of the Worst Economic Downturns in Recent History" 07/01/2022 - Pima County Arizona Democratic Party: "F*ck the 4th" 07/01/2022 - Christian, is yours an authentic voice? 07/01/2022 - It's all phony games. 07/01/2022 - Akron police bracing for protests following fatal shooting of non-compliant Black motorist 07/01/2022 - 'Don't Bother To Bring In the Clowns, They're Already Here': John Kennedy Gives Big City Mayors Step-By-Step Guidance How To Fix Rising Crime 07/01/2022 -