Dems New Plan: Pretend Every Biden Screw Up Is a Cheap Fake 06/19/2024 - The Amazing Legendary Willie Mays & The Catch 06/19/2024 - New Yorker: Book on Hitler Reminds Us of a Conservative Chaotic Clown With a Violent Following 06/19/2024 - Transgender Activist Who Exposed Breasts At White House Event Formally Accused of Sexual Assault. 06/19/2024 - Pastor Wants to See How Many Proud Patriots Condemn His Juneteenth Statement 06/19/2024 - Gov. Kathy Hochul Predicts 'Temperatures at Levels Not Seen in Our Lifetimes' 06/19/2024 - Law Allowing The Scanning Of Encrypted Text Messages Heads To Final Vote. 06/19/2024 - As Central Banks Stockpile Gold, a Christian Company Works To Help Americans Get Ahead of the "Retirement Bubble" 06/19/2024 - McDonald's To End Test Run Of AI-Powered Drive Thru 06/19/2024 - "the only real tolerated form of antisemitism is anti-Zionism" 06/19/2024 - News Round-Up 06/19/2024 - Senate Passes Major Pro-Nuclear Bill, Sends To Biden's Desk 06/19/2024 - Tranny White House Boob Flasher Just Arrested for Sexual Assault... 06/19/2024 - Here comes the GOP calvary? 06/19/2024 - Stop: Before you crack open that energy drink, you need to read this... 06/19/2024 - Haitian goes wild... 06/19/2024 - US homebuilder confidence slides to lowest level this year... 06/19/2024 - Suicide: Commercial properties are fast becoming stranded across Europe thanks to 'energy requirements'... 06/19/2024 - 'I live in hell': Anti-growth fervor grips the South after pandemic boom... 06/19/2024 - NYT: 'Trump Ran Him Out of MAGA. But Mike Pence Still Wants in the GOP'... 06/19/2024 - ... 'ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!' 06/19/2024 - Trump: Nobody can ever trust Fox News with 'lightweight' Paul Ryan on the board... 06/19/2024 - "Republican" Sues Clarence Thomas For Failure To Pay Taxes 06/19/2024 - LA Requires Ten Commandments in Every Public School Class 06/19/2024 - Barbra Streisand Demonstrates Streisand Effect With New York Post 06/19/2024 - Adam Kinzinger Says. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Workout Is 'So Gross' 06/19/2024 - N.Y. Woman Recalls How She Put Illegal Alien Who Raped 13-Year-Old In Headlock While Others Helped: 'We Found Him' 06/19/2024 - Even Hellhole Oakland Can't Stand Their Progressive Mayor 06/19/2024 - Just Stop Oil Morons Spray-Paint Stonehenge 06/19/2024 - Resolution Declares J6 Committee Illegitimate, Rescinds Subpoenas 06/19/2024 - Backpedal Alert: Maldives Pauses Ban on Israeli Travelers After Realizing Israel Is a Multicultural State 06/19/2024 - Wow. Takes your breath away... 06/19/2024 - Joe Biden's $42 Billion Broadband Plan Hasn't Connected A Single User To The Internet. 06/19/2024 - The Wealthy Are Fleeing London. Here's Why... 06/19/2024 - Roger Stone Tells Breitbart Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden 06/19/2024 - Mt. St. Helen Is 'Recharging' and Throws Some MAJOR Shade at Mt. Rainier As Possible Eruption Looms 06/19/2024 - 'You Look Exactly How I Would Imagine You'd Look - Stop Oil Trust Fund Dweeb Reveals Himself 06/19/2024 - Monkey Pox in White House ReeEEeE Stream 06-19-24 06/19/2024 - Environmentalist Protesters Spray 'Orange Powder Paint' On England's Stonehenge 06/19/2024 - Chemicals From East Palestine Train Derailment Reached 16 States 06/19/2024 - Mom: Florida Kid's Life 'Destroyed' By Being Outed as Male 06/19/2024 - 15 Times 2024 Was Orwell's 1984 06/19/2024 - Poll: MOST Black Americans Believe in Anti-American Racial Conspiracy Theories 06/19/2024 - Louisiana: Public School Classrooms Required By Law To Display 'The Ten Commandments' By 2025 06/19/2024 - GOP Reps. Introduce Resolution Without Senate Approval to Nullify Subpoenas for Bannon, Navarro, Scavino, and Meadows -- Declare January 6th Committee Illegitimate 06/19/2024 - Non-Violent J6er Julio Baquero III, Diagnosed With Stage 4 Gastric Cancer While in the Gulags, Has Passed Away 06/19/2024 - Watch: Joy Reid can't calm down about the dangerous rhetoric that is "white boy summer" 06/19/2024 - Dem Governor vetoes bill that would have helped and protected people who choose to detransition 06/19/2024 - Seattle Opens Up Police, Fire, Wildfire, Sheriff Positions to DACA 06/19/2024 - WHOOPS! CBS News Explains Why 'Wrong Version of a Video' Was Removed From Biden 'Cheap Fake' Hackery 06/19/2024 - This Is Fine: John Stossel Shares MAJOR Wake Up Call on How Much of America's $35 Trillion Debt YOU'D Pay 06/19/2024 - Comms Director for Rep. Kaptur Gets DRAGGED After Thanking Biden Forgiving His Student Loans 06/19/2024 - Bo Polny: THIS Begins Now! 06/19/2024 - Biden Blew AT LEAST $230M on Gaza's 'Pier to Nowhere.' 06/19/2024 - WATCH: Climate Loons Desecrate Stonehenge. 06/19/2024 - Con Edison Launches Campaign To Deflect Blame For The Coming Energy Disaster 06/19/2024 - KJP Doubles Down on 'Cheap Fake' Claims about Videos of Biden's Gaffes: 'So Much Misinformation' 06/19/2024 - Scientist Who Pushed To Discredit Lab Leak Theory Received Millions In NIH Grants 06/19/2024 - Just pathetic... 06/19/2024 - NYT: 'Yesterday's hippies have become today's seniors'... 06/19/2024 - Older voters pay more attention to the mainstream media than any other group... 06/19/2024 - Seniors for Biden-Harris outreach effort includes bingo nights and pickleball tournaments... 06/19/2024 - Biden's geezers think they're 'saving democracy'... don't care about economy, immigration... 06/19/2024 - Biden bets big on geezers... 06/19/2024 - House Republicans Request All Documents Previously Turned over to January 6 Committee 06/19/2024 - Poll: Nearly half of Americans struggling because of higher prices 06/19/2024 - FBI Releases Statement on Texas Children's Hospital Whistleblower 06/19/2024 - 'Fuming' White House Cancels High-Priority Meeting With Israel After Netanyahu Scolds U.S. Over Weapons 06/19/2024 - Environmental Protesters Spray 'Orange Powder Paint' On England's Stonehenge 06/19/2024 - New clothing company DEFENDS girls' sports against trans boys, so of course they get banned by TikTok 06/19/2024 - A Whiff of Pfizer-Biden Quid Pro Quo to Influence the Election 06/19/2024 - Biden Amnesty/Path to Citizenship: An Attack on Democracy 06/19/2024 - Cast of 'Queer Eye' Received at White House by Kamala Harris 06/19/2024 - Just Fly the Plane: Pilot Union Wants to Eliminate Masculine Words Like 'Cockpit' in the name of 'Equity' 06/19/2024 - Zero Progress Made On Biden's $42.5 Billion Rural High Speed Internet Project 06/19/2024 - Biden Campaign Develops Special Task Force Before Election To Combat What It Calls 'Cheap Fake' Biden Videos 06/19/2024 - Allow Artists to Be Artists 06/19/2024 - BREAKING: Louisiana Becomes The 1st U.S. State To Require The Ten Commandments Be Posted In Classrooms 06/19/2024 - Is This Tucker Carlson's Long-Lost SECRET Daughter? 06/19/2024 - UPDATE: Justin Timberlakes Mugshot and "Most Demonic Video Ever" Released 06/19/2024 - V.P. Office Releases Cringey Video of Kamala Harris Meeting With 'Queer Eye' Cast Members 06/19/2024 - Pathetic: MSNBC Contributor Posts Image Claiming Trump Needed To Be Helped Off Stage - modernity 06/19/2024 - Democrats, why is Hillary Clinton still around? - Washington Examiner 06/19/2024 - Anti-Trump Jan 6 Subpoenas Could Be Revoked under New House Bill 06/19/2024 - Elephant Rescued After 50 Years In Chains 06/19/2024 - New 'Microaggressions' Rule May Cause Oregon Doctors to Lose Licenses 06/19/2024 - Louisiana becomes the first state to require that the Ten Commandments be displayed in public school classrooms 06/19/2024 - NYPD hunts for anti-Israel domestic terrorist who told 'Zionists' to ID themselves on subway 06/19/2024 - 'Maybe Try Decaf': Sean Davis Smacks Down Left-Wing C-SPAN Caller's Unhinged Rant 06/19/2024 - Biden's Meddling DOJ Targets Alabama's Ban On Ballot Trafficking 06/19/2024 - Democrat Administration Cancels Sale of F-15s to Israel 06/19/2024 - 'ORDERS RECEIVED'! Here's How Aggressively the Media's Pushing Biden WH's 'Cheap Fake' Talking Point 06/19/2024 - Priorities: X User Bonchie Notices Who Does and Doesn't Get an Invite to the Biden White House 06/19/2024 - BREAKING: Buffalo Bills Announce Plan To Help Launch "National Gay Football League" 06/19/2024 - Unions Flirt with Trump as Biden Coalition Unravels. 06/19/2024 - GOP Seeks to RESCIND Bannon, Navarro Subpoenas, Urges Speaker Johnson to Act 'Immediately.' 06/19/2024 - Axios: Biden's Running a Fear Campaign, and Many Around Him Think It's Not Working. 06/19/2024 - Just Human #290 06/19/2024 - #1 Remember Me: Jesus, the I AM 06/19/2024 - NASA Says This Is Mars....What Do You Think? 06/19/2024 - Joe Biden Struggles Getting Into His SUV 06/19/2024 - NASA Predicts Rare Nova Explosion This Summer 06/19/2024 - Outrage as LGBTQ Star Makes Mockery of White House Before Kamala Harris Meeting 06/19/2024 - Just as Corporations are Waking Up to the Chaos of EDI, Labour is Poised to Make it Worse Than You Can Imagine 06/19/2024 - World's Largest Pilot Union Pushes Ban on 'Derogatory' Terms 'Cockpit' & 'Father' over Harm to DEI Agenda 06/19/2024 - Bizarre NYT Op-Ed Says It 'May Not Be Enough' For Supreme Court To Decide Cases 06/19/2024 - Oregon Track Coach Claims He Was Fired for "Fighting for Female Sports" 06/19/2024 - CBS Poll: 53% of Hispanics Support National Deportation Program 06/19/2024 - In 'Petty' Move, Liberal Justices Erase Conservative's Name From State Law Library 06/19/2024 - D'oh... 06/19/2024 - Young voters: It's inflation and the economy, stupid... 06/19/2024 - Biden's donor money has delivered ZERO polling boost thus far... 06/19/2024 - ... 'the focus will become overwhelming on democracy. I think the biggest images in people's minds are going to be of January 6th'... 06/19/2024 - Biden's top aide: 'Joe Biden is a great president, and great presidents get re-elected'... 06/19/2024 - 'There is not a discussion that a change of course is needed'... 06/19/2024 - Failing WH strategy involves 'Jan. 6, political violence, democracy and Donald Trump's character'... 06/19/2024 - Top Dems fret over Biden's losing strategy: Axios... 06/19/2024 - Kansas sues Pfizer, says company 'misled' public on COVID-19 vaccine 06/19/2024 - Reports Emerge About New Wash Po Head 06/19/2024 - Biden Spoke About Unemployment During Fundraiser 06/19/2024 - Hillary Clinton Comments On Alito 06/19/2024 - "1 in 1B" Chance COVID Came From Nature, Warnings of "Catastrophe" 06/19/2024 - Louisiana Becomes First State to Require Ten Commandments in Classrooms 06/19/2024 - Another Biden Video Is Making the Rounds (Do Your Stuff, MSM/Dem 'Cheap Fake' Gaslighters!) 06/19/2024 - Dear God, No: Colbert Asks Guest Anthony Fauci If He'd Consider Running for President 06/19/2024 - House Republican sent requests to 15 federal agencies for all documents turned over to Jan 6 committee 06/19/2024 - Buy It -- Break It -- Trade It -- New Silver "Invention" Has Never Been Done Before! 06/19/2024 - Watch: Climate whackadoodles vandalize Stonehenge in order to draw stop oil or something 06/19/2024 - Florida plastic surgeon charged with manslaughter following wife's overdose death on operating table 06/19/2024 - Russia And North Korea Sign Partnership Deal, Prompting Fears Of 'Strongest Ties Since Cold War' 06/19/2024 - Biden to Drain Emergency Oil Reserves to Keep Gas Prices Down 06/19/2024 - Good Job: Just Stop Oil Unites the World in Utter HATRED of Their Shenanigans 06/19/2024 - California Constitutional Amendment Sparks Debate Over Definition of Marriage 06/19/2024 - Chrissy Teigen Fears Trump Will Seek Revenge if Re-Elected For Vile Three Word Insult She Hurled at Him Years Ago 06/19/2024 - Police Hunt for Transgender Suspect in Double Homicide Investigation 06/19/2024 - WEF Demands Censorship of 'Gendered Disinformation' 06/19/2024 - Yes, Biden's Department Of Justice Wants To Imprison Peaceful Pro-Lifers For Praying 06/19/2024 - San Francisco's London Breed Thinks The Mayor's Top Job Is Naming Drag Queens 06/19/2024 - The New American Daily | Biden Signs Amnesty Edict 06/19/2024 - Kim Brooks: SCOTUS Election Fraud Case 06/19/2024 - Glock Asks Court to Dismiss Chicago Lawsuit 06/19/2024 - Kansas Sues Pfizer Over Covid Vaccine Claims 06/19/2024 - Stop the Presses! The Media Is Upset Brad Schimel Was Caught Speeding 06/19/2024 - Cause Of Death Determined For Missouri College Student Who Went Missing In Nashville 06/19/2024 - LIVE Wed 7:00pm - The Georgia 2024 Show - Dems in Panic, David Cross, Antonio Jones w/ L Todd Wood and Bill Quinn 06/19/2024 - Texas Children's Hospital whistleblower just NUKED the 'gender-affirming care' program with one incredible claim... 06/19/2024 - Watch: CNN drools over Steve Bannon serving time next to violent criminals and sex offenders... 06/19/2024 - Did Tim Scott just destroy his VP shot with this latest double-down on Mike Pence? 06/19/2024 - Watch: Middle-aged Taylor Lorenz tries to explain why zoomers are rejecting Biden in unintentionally hilarious fashion 06/19/2024 - Demographic Winter and Global Warming 06/19/2024 - Watch Biden Struggle to Climb into SUV 06/19/2024 - Is There Really A Democrat Plot to Replace Joe Biden? 06/19/2024 - U.S. Budget Deficit Balloons to $1.92 Trillion. 06/19/2024 - Make Europe Great Again! - Orban's Hungary Deploys 'MEGA' Slogan for EU Presidency. 06/19/2024 - UK Inflation FINALLY Hits 2% Target in Tiny Boost for PM Rishi Sunak. 06/19/2024 - Oregon Track Coach Allegedly Fired for Suggesting an 'Open' Category for 'Transgender' Athletes 06/19/2024 - WH Senior Advisor: Americans Want Mass Amnesty/Citizenship 06/19/2024 - DHS Secretary's Reaction to Illegal Accused of Killing Mother of 5 Is Maddening on Multiple Levels 06/19/2024 - Two Cyclists Brutally Run Over by Hit-and-Run Driver in Texas 06/19/2024 - Net Zero Aviation Targets Driving "Mass Scale" Fraud and Deforestation 06/19/2024 - Expert: Covid Shots Are Bioweapons, Not Vaccines 06/19/2024 - Bill Gates Funded Bioweapons Experiments to Spread Bird Flu to Humans 06/19/2024 - Glimmer of hope for hellhole California city as residents take drastic action against their progressive mayor 06/19/2024 - Pharmaceutical Industry Is Bankrolling Obesity Group That Promotes 'Body Positivity' 06/19/2024 - Biden's 'Amnesty' Plan Could Turn 500,000 Illegal Aliens Into Future Voters 06/19/2024 - Lawsuit: Foreigner Voting In Burlington School District Elections Violates Vermont's Constitution 06/19/2024 - The Argument Could Be Made... 06/19/2024 - Your next president? 06/19/2024 - Feds: 10 more Minneapolis gang members charged with illegal gun possession, drugs 06/19/2024 -
Watch: Kamala Harris X "Queer Eye" turns into the Biden Adimn's latest cringefest for Pride month 06/19/2024 - Chinese military's rifle-toting robot dogs raise concerns in Congress 06/19/2024 - Small drones will soon lose combat advantage, French Army chief says 06/19/2024 - There Is No Black Independence Day! See You on July 4! 06/19/2024 - YAY TIGHTENDS! Buffalo Bills to Launch Gay Football Team 06/19/2024 - Airlines to Remove Offensive Terms Like 'Cockpit' 06/19/2024 - After Her COVID Policy Hurt Countless Black Children, Randi Weingarten's Juneteenth Post Gets EPIC Ratio 06/19/2024 - Biden DOJ Sends FBI Agents to Harass Nurse After She Blew the Whistle on Texas Children's Hospital's Barbaric Sex Change Program 06/19/2024 - Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Teach Public Policy at U. Michigan This Fall 06/19/2024 - Muslim Entrepreneur Donates Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds to Reform 06/19/2024 - 'We See What's Going On': Americans Call Into Popular Hip-Hop Radio Show To Attack Dems And 'Demented' Biden | The Daily Caller 06/18/2024 - Liberal 'Christian' Group Launches Effort to Remove Samuel Alito from Supreme Court 06/19/2024 - Video Shows Moment Good Samaritans Catch Illegal Alien Who Raped Child in NYC Park 06/19/2024 - War College: How a Berkeley Professor Inspired and Engineered Anti-Israel Protests 06/19/2024 - The New American Daily | Biden Signs Amnesty Edict 06/19/2024 - PPG To Receive $1.25M FastTrack Incentive For New Loudon Facility 06/19/2024 - Tennessee Right To Life Endorses Michele Reneau for State House Based On Shared Commitment And Dedication To Pro-Life Cause 06/19/2024 - Biden's FCC Fast-Tracking Soros Radio Takeover 06/19/2024 - Willie Mays, One Of The Best To Ever Play, Known For 'The Catch,' Dead At 93 06/19/2024 - US Army to launch AI pilot project for acquisition workforce 06/19/2024 - US Army moves out on digital engineering strategy 06/19/2024 - FBI Knew Since 2016 About Hunter Biden's $120M Ukrainian Deal During Dad's VP Tenure. 06/19/2024 - It's Fun to WATCH This CNN Reporter Freak Out About Biden's Numbers. 06/19/2024 - Dem Admin's $42.5B High-Speed Internet Resulted in Nothing 06/19/2024 - 'Expect a Prison Sentence': Climate Goons Vandalize Stonehenge; May FINALLY Face Consequences 06/19/2024 - Rep. James Clyburn Assures Dems That Biden's 'Quiet Constituency' Will Show Up in November 06/19/2024 - Biden's Report: FCC Fast-Tracking Soros Radio Takeover 06/19/2024 - Just Stop Oil Protesters Spray Stonehenge With Orange Paint 06/19/2024 - Three Problems with the 24-Hour News Cycle 06/19/2024 - Fugitive CNBC Analyst Arrested after Fleeing Federal Fraud Charges 06/19/2024 - Biden Facing Legal Battles When He Leaves Office Due to Trump's Conviction 06/19/2024 - "Frantic Ferrell" Calls Out The Mob 06/19/2024 - 25 Tennessee House Members Passed Over 1/2 The Legislation During Last Session 06/19/2024 - Palestinian State Still A Bad Idea as Population Embraces Hamas 06/19/2024 - RFK Jr. won't qualify for June Trump-Biden debate: report 06/19/2024 - EXCLUSIVE: Murderer Groomed High School Girl into Sex in Jail; Massive Cover-Up 06/19/2024 - Artis forms Sentinel vehicle protection venture with UAE's Bin Hilal 06/18/2024 - Ground robots hauling drones into battle is a trend at Paris arms fair 06/19/2024 - Watch Janet Yellen Explain Interest Income Belongs to the Bank 06/19/2024 - Greg Gutfeld Rattles Off a List of 'Cheap Fakes' the Media Either Ignored or Helped Push 06/19/2024 - WATCH: Muslim Influencer Leads Hunt for Jews to Kill on Streets of London 06/19/2024 - Indiana University Law Professor Urges State Senate To Fight DEI 06/19/2024 - Kansas Attorney General sues Pfizer for misleading Kansans on covid vaccine 06/19/2024 - Just Stop Oil Terrorists Desecrate Stonehenge 06/19/2024 - Biden Doubles Down, Insists He Won't Pardon 'Convicted Felon' Son Hunter or Commute Sentence 06/19/2024 - Nvidia's Ascent to Most Valuable Company Has Echoes of Dot-Com Boom 06/19/2024 - Average American feels at least 10 years older than they actually are and all blame the same day-to-day annoyance 06/19/2024 - French Leftists Nominates Antifa Activist on Watch List for Snap Election 06/19/2024 - Amnesty Joe Biden Gives His Podium to Illegal Migrant 06/19/2024 - Farmer Outrage as EU Adopts Green 'Nature Restoration Law' by Slimmest Possible Margin 06/19/2024 - JD Vance on VP Rumors: 'The President Has Not Asked Me' 06/19/2024 - Philippines says Chinese coast guard boarded navy vessels in South China Sea 06/19/2024 - RFK Jr. won't qualify for June Trump-Biden presidential debate: report 06/19/2024 - Jewish girl, 12, gang raped in Paris in apparent antisemitic attack 06/19/2024 - Just Stop Oil spray Stonehenge with orange paint as heroic passer-by steps in to try to drag them away 06/19/2024 - Dem-majority FCC helping George Soros fast-track takeover of nationwide radio network: 'This is scary' 06/19/2024 - Alleged bestiality bus with dozens of animals stopped in Pennsylvania 06/19/2024 - Russia and North Korea sign partnership deal that appears to be the strongest since the Cold War 06/19/2024 - White House Cancels Meeting with Israel on Iran over Netanyahu Video 06/19/2024 - Critics Fundamentally Misconstrue the Supreme Court's Bump Stock Ruling 06/19/2024 - You Owe $100,000! 06/19/2024 - Vanderbilt Multicultural Council Rejects Pro-Israel Student Group 06/19/2024 - "Don't California My Tennessee," The Cost Of Living Crisis In Tennessee Continues 06/19/2024 - Niall Ferguson: We're All Soviets Now... 06/19/2024 - Valedictorians or Villains? The Stark Reality of DACA Applicant Arrest Records... 06/19/2024 - New Poll: Mass Deportation is trending... 06/19/2024 - 'Silent Epidemic': Maine Lawmakers Shrug Off 18% Increase in Excess Deaths... 06/19/2024 - Nurse Alleges Medicaid Fraud in Texas Children's Hospital's Child Sex-Change Program... 06/19/2024 - The Murky Business of Transgender Medicine... 06/19/2024 - Kansas AG Sues Pfizer for 'Falsely Representing' And 'Suppressing the Truth' About Its Covid Jab... 06/19/2024 - Persecuted Pro-Life Activist Files $4.3 Million Lawsuit Against DOJ... 06/19/2024 - Rep. Ilhan Omar's husband accused of swindling investor in their California winery... 06/19/2024 - Web of Influence: Soros, Biden, and the Burisma Connection... 06/19/2024 - Netanyahu: US is "Withholding Essential Weapons and Ammunitions to Israel" that Israel Paid For 06/19/2024 - Boca Raton Man Arrested Intent of Shooting Up a Synagogue, Charged with Threats to Commit a Mass Shooting/Threat of Terrorism 06/19/2024 - Watch: Dingbat Joy Behar claims Trump will have "The View" taken off the air, effectively endorses him for president 06/19/2024 - Charlie Kirk Warns of 'Anarcho-Tyranny' Following 19-Year-Old USC Student's Arrest For Stabbing Homeless Man Breaking Into Car 06/19/2024 - Tommy Robinson is Being Hauled Before the Courts AGAIN. 06/19/2024 - Yes, You Still Need a 'License' to Watch TV in Britain. Farage Says He'll End It. 06/19/2024 - Biden Has DOUBLED The Number of Non-Detained Immigration Cases. 06/19/2024 - Cal State LA President: Students Who Took Over Building No Longer Welcome on Campus 06/19/2024 - Report: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Not Qualify for First Presidential Debate 06/19/2024 - Massachusetts Spends $1 Million of Taxpayer Money on Ad Campaign Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers 06/19/2024 - Report: Secret Service Destroys Video of Biden Dog Attack 06/19/2024 - Morning Greatness: Appeals Court Refuses to Lift Trump Gag Order 06/19/2024 - Quentin Tarantino is Harassed, Attacked in a Restaurant by Pro-Hamas Mob, Calling Him 'Zionist Piece of Sh-t': Wild Video 06/19/2024 - Shh, Don't Mention the Vaccines 06/19/2024 - Bill Gates funded bio-terrorist activities to develop a bird flu that could infect humans 06/19/2024 - Karine Jean-Pierre Slips Up, Accidentally Suggests Bragg Coordinated with DOJ for Anti-Trump Case 06/19/2024 - Our Elites Are So Deluded By Moral Relativism They're Excusing Mayan Human Sacrifice 06/19/2024 - Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Supports Removal Of Shelby County District Attorney 06/19/2024 - Clarksville City Council to Consider Property Tax Increase For Upcoming Year 06/19/2024 - LIVE Wednesday 8:00am EDT - Voice of Rural America with host BKP 06/19/2024 - Summer heat wave due to climate change, Penn professor says 06/19/2024 - Mosque-centered community may be halted as planning board recommends moratorium 06/19/2024 - Police expert predicts Minneapolis' future under consent decree: 'crime skyrockets, cops leave' 06/19/2024 - Congressional Democrats Minimize COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory as Senate Hearing Highlights New Testimonies 06/19/2024 - Ratio Alert! CBS News Examines 'Simpler Version of Deepfakes' (i.e. Actual Videos of Biden) 06/19/2024 - Queer Cincinnati Pride Organizers Forced to Resign Over Jewish Identity 06/19/2024 - Telegram Channel Run by 'Cyber Police' Helps Chinese Illegal Immigrants Flood Into US: Report 06/19/2024 - Cornell Grad Denounces School Administration's Policy Toward Antisemitism on Campus 06/19/2024 - We Need Covid Fine Amnesty, Says Ex-Justice Secretary During Pandemic 06/19/2024 - Federal Court Blocks Biden's Radical Title IX Changes in 6 Additional States 06/19/2024 - Dems Claim They Aren't Importing An Electorate, But These 5 Examples Indicate Otherwise 06/19/2024 - Tractor Convoy, Protest Planned In Response To Scheme Turning Tennessee Farmland Into Industrial Park 06/19/2024 - Someone In the Biden Campaign is Leaking Data to the Press. Here's Why... 06/19/2024 - Elusive hypersonic arms need Western teamwork, NATO researcher says 06/19/2024 - Biden DOJ to Move Ashli Babbitt Wrongful Death Suit From Her Home Town to Washington, DC 06/19/2024 - Watch: FBI Agents Intimidate Nurse Who Helped Expose Illegal Gender Program at Children's Hospital 06/19/2024 - DEA Uncovers Drug Money Laundering Scheme Between Chinese Organized Crime, Sinaloa Cartel 06/19/2024 - News Briefs - 06/19/2024 06/19/2024 - Putin Makes Rare Visit to Old Ally, Sparking Concerns Over Possible Sanctions Violations 06/19/2024 - Columnist's Shock Push for Biden to Replace Kamala Harris on Ballot With Unexpected Running Mate 06/19/2024 - Chemtrails are part of the depopulation agenda 06/19/2024 - BBC Worried About Kenyan Farmer's ClimateScepticism 06/19/2024 - Why Did the BBC and ITV Decide to Smear Reform With a Baseless Story About Election Manipulation on Social Media on the Same Day? 06/19/2024 - Guernsey doctor who resigned in protest to children being given covid injections says vaccines must be suspended and harms investigated 06/19/2024 - Google's Censorship Machine Targets PragerU -- Again 06/19/2024 - Democrat Fixer Marc Elias' Firm Steps In To Stop 'Disastrous Election System' Fix 06/19/2024 - Don't Blame Disney. Star Wars Has Always Been Terrible 06/19/2024 - IVF Is A Horrible Substitute For Real Reproductive Health 06/19/2024 - BLM Traded Dr. King's Christianity For Kendi's Critical Race Theory 06/19/2024 - Dallas School District Wants Parents Sent To The Principal's Office When Their Kids Are Naughty 06/19/2024 - Nick Dixon and Toby Young Talk About Reform's 'Contract' With the British People, England's Irrepressible Football Fans and Tony Blair Discovering His Inner TERF 06/19/2024 - Climate Propaganda Cabals Ramp Up the Heat for Summer 06/19/2024 - Sen. Tammy Baldwin Says Biden Presidency Is 'One of the Most Successful' in Generations 06/19/2024 - Fundraiser Who Helped Raise Millions For Obama Will Now Support Trump 06/19/2024 - Wisconsin Govs Tommy Thompson & Scott Walker Will 'Criss-Cross' State to Boost Trump 06/19/2024 - All eyes on DC... 06/18/2024 - Americans with poor diet fall from 49 percent to 37 percent: Study... 06/18/2024 - New Boeing whistleblower comes forward hours before CEO's Senate testimony... 06/18/2024 - Jim Jordan threatens Alvin Bragg with subpoena... 06/18/2024 - Moment pair of motorcycle muggers try to rob woman on street in Argentina before getting instant karma... 06/18/2024 - Pictured: Illegal migrant 'who sexually assaulted 13-year-old girl in New York City park three years after crossing southern border'... 06/18/2024 - The IRS is zeroing in on one group of Americans--here is who they are targeting... 06/18/2024 - Gov. Gavin Newsom's approval rating takes a huge tumble... 06/18/2024 - Secret Service destroyed video of Biden's dog Commander biting agent in brutal attack... 06/18/2024 - Comma-La's America... 06/18/2024 - Chicago Mayor Launches Black Reparations 'Task Force' 06/19/2024 - Commentary: Juneteenth Usurped the Emancipation Proclamation 06/19/2024 - Commentary: Stumbling into Nuclear War 06/19/2024 - Pro-Life Group Sues to Strip Abortion Amendment Off South Dakota Ballot 06/19/2024 - EV Start-Up Files for Bankruptcy One Year After Rolling Out Its First Model 06/19/2024 - Commentary: Foreign-Born Workers are Taking Americans' Jobs 06/19/2024 - Georgia Again Reports Lower Tax Collections 06/19/2024 - Report: The Biden Regime has Released 7.4 Million Migrants into the Country as Part of Catch and Release Program 06/19/2024 - Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Biden Abortion Rule for Employers in Two States 06/19/2024 - Biden Announces Widespread Amnesty Plan for Illegal Immigrants 06/19/2024 - Harvard dean: 'Faculty speech must have limits' when it 'incites external actors' 06/19/2024 - Alabama college offers $75,000 in trade scholarships to women only 06/19/2024 - GOP Senator Blocks Democrat Effort On Bump Stock Ban Legislation 06/18/2024 - U.S. Government Gave over $1.5 Million to Nonprofit with Ties to Palestinian Pro-Terror Universities 06/18/2024 - John Stewart Says Crime is Down While Biden's Secret Service Gets Robbed 06/18/2024 - DEVELOPING: Enormous Fire At Pallet Facility Warehouse, Prompts Hazmat Response 06/18/2024 - ... poor kid has had puberty blockers since age 11... 06/18/2024 - Sorry, son! 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