Most people in the US and UK are refusing the jab

Posted on Fri, 08/26/2022 - 11:10

Most people are no longer injecting themselves with a toxin created by depopulationists. This is inline with what Joe Rogan revealed last year about Dr. Kory, where he treated 200 members of Congress with Ivermectin.  Government data shows the otherwise susceptible sheeple who have received one or more jabs have wised up.

The authorities will never admit it, especially when you consider the fact they have donated billions of taxpayers’ money to Big Pharma, but it looks like we have won.

Because official Government data coming out of both the USA and United Kingdom reveals there are now at least 254 million “vaccine refusniks” in both countries, with approximately 3 in every 5 people either refusing a first, second, or third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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